Membership Requirements
  • Individuals who also work in the dance industry are not eligible for membership.
  • If transitioning from another class or dance school, we recommend you join after receiving permission from your previous class. We are not responsible for related problems.

Application Process
  1. In the form below, please indicate your interest in a trial lesson or participation in a specific event. Please enter your name, e-mail address, telephone number, and the lesson or event you desire to attend.
  2. If you do not hear from us soon, please call us at 080-5512-5353. We apologize for any delays.
  3. At the lesson or event that you applied to attend, you will receive an invitation to an interview.
  4. Once you receive a permission to become a member, you will be required to send the online application form and transfer the first fee.

Online Application Form

Membership Agreement

Failure to agree and comply with these terms will result in denial of membership

(Terms of Agreement)

  • This agreement establishes the membership terms of IDC Dance & Community, Tokyo (hereinafter referred to as “the community”). Members may receive services from this community in accordance with these terms.

(Lesson Reservation)

  • Due to a number of limitations pertaining to lessons, please make reservations in advance to participate in any lesson. Reservations can be made by event application or by e-mail. Please make your reservation by 3pm (15:00) the previous day. In case of cancellation, please contact us no less than 2 hours before the lesson. Any cancellation with less than three hours notice will be charged the fee for the lesson.

Additionally, if less than three (3) attendees register for a class, the class will be cancelled and will be reported on the website after 3pm (15:00) on the previous day.

(Members Card)

  • Members’ cards have an expiration date. No extension of the expiration date is permissible.
    · If you lose your membership card, please purchase a new card. A card deposit is also possible.

(Participation in Lessons)

  • Lessons can be taken by using the members’ purchased card. Even if you arrive late or leave early, the lesson will be marked as completed on your member card.
  • When participating in a lesson or event, you are responsible for your own valuables. This community is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

(Membership Deposit)

  • Membership deposits are accepted at the time of enrollment.
  • In the case of voluntary withdrawal, the membership deposit will be refunded after completion of the withdrawal process. In the case of withdrawal due to a violation of the contract, the deposit will not be refunded.

(Annual Fee)

  • Members pay an annual membership fee on the 1st day of monthly enrollment on the website.


We will send you lesson information and special notices by email, sent to the email address you declared during the membership process.

(Conflict Between Members)

  • If you have any conflict with other members, please resolve the issue(s) by the most peaceful and appropriate method, such as discussion with the members involved. This community is not responsible for arbitrating or becoming involved in problems between members.

(Prohibited Items)

  • Members shall not conduct the following actions:

① Receive lessons without registering with the official instructor through this community

② Publish photos, videos, or personal information of other members without permission

③ Solicit and/or recruit members of this community to other dance organizations

④ Committing acts of vandalism, violence against other members, or causing disruptions

⑤ Interfering with the work of this community


  • Members can withdraw from the community at any time.
  • To unsubscribe from this community, we ask that you leave the handling fee.
  • If, at the time of withdrawal, the annual fee has already been paid, the lesson fee will not be refunded.

(Loss of Membership Qualification)

  • This community reserves the right to cancel membership for any of the following reasons:

① If the member has violated this agreement

② If you do not attend lessons or events for over 4 months

  • Deposits will not be refunded if membership is terminated due to the above disqualifications.

(Management of Personal Information)

  • Personal information in this community is managed according to our privacy policy.

(Amendment of the Contract)

  • This agreement may be changed without notice while still in compliance with Japanese laws and ordinances.

(Exclusive Jurisdiction)

  • The law governing this agreement is Japanese law, and the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive authority from the first instance.

End of Agreement

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