Teacher’s Secret Waltz Side Step 先生の豆知識

Aki teacher has sent us important basic movement of Walz. There is Mr.M who can straddle his legs completely 180 degrees, so the teacher has decided to write about it.先生の豆知識、今初級で行っているワルツのワンポイントです。レッスンに脚を180度開脚できるMさんの話でもりあがったところ、これを書くことにしたそうです。

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From Aki teacher.

The unique point of Waltz is to widely move to side.

Before learning any Waltz steps, you’d need to practice Side Step.

Side Step practice is a simple practice to step right and left, but what you’d learn from this is how to use your weight, how to use your feet,  and how to use your legs.

There is a preparation movement of putting your weight before moving.
Before stepping, bend your ankle of the foot your weight is on then press the floor with the foot to the other direction.

When using your supporting foot, you don’t need that much pressure on your foot.

Some people put too much pressure on the foot when practicing this movement, which causes some pain on foot, but this means that you use press too much.

You don’t lock the bottom of your feet when pressing the floor. Your feet and ankles should always be flexible whatever yo do.

One more thing, when doing exercise, try to open your hit joint, and you can move more widely.

The exercise of opening hip joint would help you to do this better.

Good luck!

From Mari about the teacher.

Aki teacher is extremely humble unlike the other dancers, and he hardly ever actively makes an appeal but has lots of gems.

He has been studying for years and remembers all the details of techniques in the text books and studying to find the best way to teach people to become able to improve their skills. He always brings beginners to advance very quickly.

The way he teaches motivates students so that they can bring up all what they have.

This is one of the many reasons why I asked the teacher to teach at my lessons as I knew that he would be a great teacher for beginners.

Not many advance teachers could teach beginners like he does. Super advance dancers tend not to remember what problems could be with beginners.

He goes every detail when teaching, which could be hard sometimes, but it’s worth trying what he advises.

So please try!