Tango Walks タンゴウォーク

Tango is one of the most popular and most complicated dances of all and is very passionate and sexy dance. How to walk is important to learn. タンゴは、最も人気で複雑なダンスの一つ、情熱的でセクシーなダンスですどうやって歩くかも大切です。

タンゴ ウォーク

English Follows:







  • 他のスタンダートと違い、ライズ&フォールがない。
  • 両膝はわずかに曲げて保たれるが、筋肉のトーンでしっかりと維持
  • ポジションにより、左脚の前進ウォーク及び、右脚の後退ウォークは、CBMP(Contra Body Movement Position)*
  • 右足の前進ウォーク及び左脚の後退ウォークはサイドリーディング*
  • タンゴウォークは左にカーブして躍られる
  • 他のスタンダードダンスと違い、僅かに床から持ち上げて足を運ぶ
  • 足は、シャープ、スタッカートな動きで、送り足は、音楽が許す限り床に残す
  • 左カーブ、CBMPで前進するとき、左ヒールは右足を横切らず、右足の線上に置かれる
  • 右足CBMP後退のとき、右のつま先は、左足の線上に置かれる









Tango Walks

We teach Tango Walks at lessons as well.

When learning Tango, of you only learn steps, your dance would look like a farmer’s dance.

Without knowing the direction and where you should step, you’d continuously step on your partners’ feet. It is common that people pull their hips in order to avoid the problems, which actually causes their dances to look like dugs’ dancing.
Mmm, it’s not very nice.

So let’s learn how to walk Tango Walks!

What is Tango Walks?

  • No rise for lower unlike other Standard dancing.
  • Both knees bent slightly but keep them bent with the muscle tone.
  • Depending on positions, when walking forward with LF and walking backward with RF  is CBMP(Contra Body Movement Position)*
  • Walking forward with RF and Walking backward with LF is Side Leading.
  • When walking Tango Walks, you walk, curbing left.
  • Unlike other Standard dancing, you bring your foot slightly up when stepping.
  • Your footwork should be sharp and staccato and your sliding foot stays as long as possible.
  • When going forward curbing with CBMP,your left heel does not go across your right foot but step on the right foot line.
  • When going backward with CBMP, your toe goes to the left foot line.

Pay attention

If you only care about your foot, your upper body will be tensed, so make sure you keep a good posture.

Male hold should be slightly tighter than other Standard dancing. Get air in your chest and narrow your  costa. Your face is facing to the direction and please do not forget about your partner.

Ladies, pay attention to your back! Especially with Tango, having your back look beautiful and sexy is very important. Lower your shoulder and stretch your neck. Your head should be on your left foot most of the time even f you turn your neck.

Use your foot to transfer the other foot when stepping. You should be able to dance with your legs tighten up.

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