Pre-Intermediate Lesson Note: Rumba Basics Routine 初中級ルンバ ベーシックルーティン

Pre-Intermediate classes are for those who have learned the very basic steps and can dance basics but wish to brush up and improve their skills. 初中級クラスは、ベーシックが踊れてそのベーシックを強化させて、より綺麗に見せたい人のためのクラスですので、色々な基礎連が加わります。

Rumba Basic Training ルンバベーシックトレーニング

  • Rumba Walks
    >> How you should walk. The most important walks for Latin dancing.
  • Cucaracha
    >>How you move your body to move more smoothly.
  • Side Walks
    >>How to walk to side.
  • Crub Walks
    >>How to walk cross.

Routine ルーティン

There will be links after lessons. 習ったあとに、リンクが添付されます。

Lesson Note: Beginner’s Step 初級ステップ復習

  1. Open Hip Twist
  2. Overturned Hockey Stick
  3. New York x 3
  4. Spot Turn to left
  5. Open Hip Twist
  6. Natural Top x 3
  7. Closed Hip Twist
  8. Alemana
  9. Hand to Hand
  10. Spiral
  11. Aida
  12. Cuban Rocks
  13. Spot Turn Left

At Pre-Intermediate Classes, you may brush up your basic skills and get more technique to dance more beautifully.  This is a great class for those who want to review basics and improve the quality.

We also go for lunch almost every time! It is a cozy nice group.






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