Pre-Intermediate Class Waltz Lesson Note:Week 2 Step

Waltz Step Pre-Int Week 2

  • Closed change, Natural Turn,
  • Closed Change, Reverse Turn
  • Whisk, Chasse Hold PP,
  • Natural Spin Turn, Reverse Turn 4th – 6step
  • Progressive Cassee To Right
  • Outside Change
  • Natural Turn

2017/1/21, We had a few ladies and one experienced gent. The lessons was very good with a lot of leaning.

As I taught a beginner lady, I could not join the lesson, but it seemed to me that they learned very quickly and got a lot better than the first 10 minutes.

The movement of everyone looked a lot bigger, and they all had good footwork, posture, and weight shift.

This level is pretty high level as Pre-Intermediate with basic steps.

At the Beginner’s class, we will do very basic Waltz step by step next month!

I will write Lesson Notes of these steps below shortly.

  • Progressive Cassee To Right
  • Outside Change






Lesson Notes 更新しますので少々お待ちください。






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