Lesson Pre-Note January 1st week

English follows:
レッスンノートは作成中です。少々お待ちください。先生のアドバイスを追加して記事にしています。下記、習ったステップです。This week’s lesson notes will be coming soon. Here are what you learned. I will write articles with more teacher’s tips soon!

Beginner Rumba:
  1. Basic
  2. Fan
  3. Open Hip Twist,
  4. Overturned Hockey Stick
Pre-Intrermediate Waltz:
  1.  Closed change, Natural Turn,,
  2. Closed Change, Reverse Turn
  3. Whisk, Chasse Hold PP,
  4. Natural Spin Turn, Reverse Turn 4th – 6step
We will lean new steps next week. Don’t miss a lesson so that you can improve quickly! We learn different dances every month.