Lesson Note: Jitterbug#1 ジルバ#1

Jitterbug is the most popular party dancing that people love and is the very basic dance of any dances. Starting with this dance is a great way is to improve other dances. ジルバは、ペアダンスで一番人気、アメリカンなカジュアルダンスです。基礎からやりました。



Slow Slow Quick Quick


You don’t probably remember the name of steps, but if you do, it will make it a lot easier for you to learn more dances also there are a lot of useful videos on YouTube if you search the name of steps.


  1. Fallaway Rock フォーラーウェーロック
  2. Change Of Place To Left チェンジオブプレイスライトツーレフト
  3. Change Of Place To Rightチェンジオブプレイスレフトツーライト
  4. Hip Bump ヒップバンプ
  5. Change Of Place To Rightチェンジオブプレイスレフトツーライト
  6. American Spin アメリカンスピン
  7. Link Rock リンクロック
  8. Back to Follaway Rock フォーラーウェーロックに戻ります


Gentlemen put your right hand on your partner’s back shoulder and hold her right hand with you left hand.When you lead the lady, do not use only your hand but use all the energy from your body.

Ladies, stand a little behind your partners, this way you won’t disturb his way.Do not squeeze his hand but just hold his hand gently.



Lead & Follow

Gents, when you lead ladies, do not use your hand but use your body weight. If you use your hand, the lady cannot follow you properly.

If you want to make her turn, up your hand to give her a signal then make her turn.

American Spin, bend your elbow and catch her weight by the arm then press a little to make her turn. The lady can use your hand as a wall to turn.

Ladies, stay focus on what he will do next. If you don’t follow your partner well, he will feel it is difficult to dance with you. Bend your knees when dancing then feel his weight.

If your partner up his hand, that means that he wants you to turn, so turn.








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