The International Social Culture Club

The International Social Culture Club

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3周年記念は申し込みましたか? Have you registered for the Annual Ball?


ISCC Mari Cecilia Murata











IDC. Tokyo アカデミー にて、社交ダンス、言語、社交界マナー、国際スキルのレッスンも開講しています。

国際人育成のIDC. インターナショナルは、ビジネススキルレッスンを開講及び企業研修を行っています。


<税込年会費 税込> 

入会金一律:11,000円 事務手数料他として

<一般会員> 年会費:35,200 円(2019までのご入会の方 26,400 円)

  • イベントなどが割引となり、会員として認められる
  • イベント時の、告知のみ可能



  • 限定イベントへご案内
  • 会への貢献会員として認められる
  • 全スタンダード会員特典
  • バッジ(作成中)
  • 後援者として登録
  • 更に秘密の会へのアクセス
  • ページへの投稿・宣伝・告知(承認制)可能
  • 共催
  • ボランティア活動への協力・サイトにて公開

<スポンサー会員>  VIP倶楽部 詳細はお問い合わせ



  • エグゼクティブファーストクラスVIP会員
  • 倶楽部や代表村田真理の活動の将来性に投資をしてくださる会員



  • 1月会員:1-6月までに入会 翌年分を毎年12月25日に請求 30日までに支払い
  • 7月会員:7-12月までに入会  翌年分を毎年6月25日に請求 30日までに支払い


29 Nov:会員限定 6名限定
Members Only Dinner

British Pub End of Year Members Drink

9th Feb:一般公開 12名限定
Public Culture Study “William Adams Presentation” + Wine

15 Mar: 50名限定
一般公開 紹介制 メイン3周年記念 令和の文明開化 和洋舞闘会 明治記念館 ご参加募集中! ご参加者は各イベント優先案内
Annual Ball!

16 May :
会員限定 6名限定
英国大使館 特別文化イベント
Members Only British Embassy cultural historical event

スペイン社交界ハイソサエティツアー エグエクティブ会員限定 少人数
Executive Members Only : Spain High Society Tour

オーストリア社交界ツアー+文化教養 エグエクティブ会員限定 少人数
Executive Members Only : Vienna cultural tour + Vienna Ball

Welcome to The International Social Culture Club

We share culture, literature, arts and appreciate social activities.

Bridge cultures, connect the world

ISCC Mari Cecilia Murata

We believe that the philosophy of 85 % of a success depends of social skills, and the leaning for cultural activities will bridge the world.

Discovery will give people a confidence and a happiness.

Socilising through cultural activities will be social activities and support

With the cultural members of ISCC, we are aiming to grow as a true cultural club and pass the true beautiful concept on to the next generation to contribute to the society.

The head organizational- ICPA The International Cross-Culture and Protocol Academy of Japan, and the sub culture academy- IDC.Tokyo The International Ballroom Dance and Social Culture Academy of Tokyo teach all the total skills required.

We all particular about cultural social activities.

Leaning is the most extravagant activity in life.

To keep our goals clearly to all members and keep our high standard policy, we select members to join our club. As long as the candidates understand the concept and values of the cultural activities, we welcome them in the most respectful manner. We give an interview so that new members can receive a certain overview of the activities and never feel isolated from the beginning.

<You may learn cultures at these schools.>

IDC. Tokyo Academy provides dance lessons and social lessons

IDC International provides cross culture training

If you are interested in joining these activities, you may register as an official member.

<Basic Rules>
-Actively participate in events and activities
-Promotional activities are required an approval (Executive Members Only)
-Please follow our codes at all events
-If you are inactive over 3 months, you may be removed from this group. Please actively post or join occasional events.





  • Events are discounted and recognized as a ISCC member
  • Notifications are acceptable at the time of the events


¥132,000 (Exclusive event)

  • VIP contributing member Annual membership
  • Standard Member’s benefits
  • A badge (being created)
  • Register as an individual sponsor
  • Access to hidden gatherings Posting, advertising, and announcing events (authorization system) available on the half public page Co-sponsored Cooperation in volunteer activities, Publish news on site

VIP Member: Executive Sponsor   ¥500,000~ per share

  • Exclusive Executive First Class VIP Member
  • Members who invest in the future of club and the other activities of representative Murata Mari’s organizations.
  • All Executive Benefits Executive first class VIP treatment as a VIP sponsor Access to the secret hidden club An exclusive badge

ISCC EN Application



In order to apply for the membership, please download the application form, fill the form and scan the form, and then send it to Please bring the original to the first lesson or event.