Welcome to the group – International Social Culture Club!

With the main keywords, “International” “Social” “Culture”, we are aiming to be the finest social club . We will contribute to charities near future.

~Connect the world with social and culture~

We believe that learning culture and socializing help the globalization.

By providing opportunities to socializing and exchange cultures, we will contribute to the society.

International :ISCC will be becoming an international club
Social:There are still very few social opportunities in Japan. We will organize social events for people to simply enjoy socializing
Culture:Learn dance,music,arts,history,culture, etc..
We exchange cultures

IDC. Tokyo Academy provides dance lessons and social lessons www.idc-tokyo.com

IDC International provides cross culture training  www.idcglobal.co

If you are interested in joining these activities, you may register as an official member.

There will be some membership fees.

Individual ・Corporation that agrees to the policy
No solicitation
Any promotional activities are required an approval
We welcome a partnership proposal

ISCC EN Application


In order to apply for the membership, please download the application form, fill the form and scan the form, and then send it to contact@idc-tokyo.com. Please bring the original to the first lesson or event.

Email Letter

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