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♠  Latest news 

6月23日イベントの流れ About June 23rd event

♠  For official members  

  1. Advance booking is now required to take lessons. Please avoid a last minute cancellation or a no-show.
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  2. Members receive emails frequency. In case you do not receive any emails, please contact us as there might be a system error. Please subscribe emails from
  3. There is a Member’s Only Page on Facebook. We send members an invitation email. Please contact us in case of any issue.
  4. Schedules of lessons and events may be changed. Please check emails.


Important Notifications

  • The address, fees, schedules have revised.


♠  Special Events  


♥June 23rd, Friday A little casual rainbow dance party! ♥

Price Down! Event 6/23! 料金下がりました!6月23日のイベント


Time: 20:30-22:30
Address: HIgashi Ginza will be informed to the attendees only
Dance Lecture: Jitterbug Square-Rumba (Different from last time)
Fees: Gentlemen: 5,000 Ladies: 4,000

18:30~ Dinner 5,000

Dress Code:Not too formal, not too casual. It would be nice to dress up.

For more information, please check the event calendar!



♠ Basic Schedule ♠ 

Week Time Class Level Details
Fri 12:00~21:00

Fridays may be special events or lessons occasionally

Party Dance All levels, all generations, absolute beginners start from here <4 party dances>
Jitterbug Foundation classes. For those who have never danced before, start from here.
Advance dancers are welcome.

Fridays may be special events or lessons occasionally

Beginner Very Beginners Basics of 4 dances
Sat 11:00-12:00 NEW! IDC.Circle Club IDC.CCis a casual circle club. Dance to learn will be decided based on attending members.
Only IDC.Circle Club:
Membership: 4,000yen
(IDC.Dance members do not need to pay)
Lesson: 1,500yen
(IDC.Dance members: 1,000yen
Over 50: Plus 1,000yen
12:00~13:00 Beginner Beginners
(Higher level)
Basics of 4 dances
Tango Intermediates can attend with a small fee by taking both classes, Beg and Int
Attend from 11:00: +500yen
Attend from 12:00: +1,000yen
13:00~14:00 Pre-Intermediate For those who have completed beginners’ steps 10 dances
Improve basic technique
How to use body
Lead&  Follow
Basic Variations
Basics of new dances
On top of the 4 dances above
Quick Step
Slow Fox
Viennese Waltz

Mingle dance parties, practice parties, seasonable parties will be held frequency. You may not only learn and improve dancing but also enjoy networking with others.

Regular Dance Lessons Schedule of 2017

**Higher than Intermediate classes will open once there are more than 6 members per class for the level.

2017 Pre-Beginner Beginner Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper-Intermediate Pre-Advance Advance
Jan Mambo Blues Rumba Waltz
Feb Jitterbug Box
Waltz Rumba
Mar Harder Jitterbug
ChaChaCha Tango Rumba
Apr  Mambo Blues Tango ChaChaCha Tango
May  Jitterbug Box
Rumba Tango ChaChaCha
Jun  Harder Jitterbug
Waltz Samba Tango
Jul  Mambo Blues ChaChaCha Quick Step Samba
Aug  Jitterbug Box
Tango Paso Doble Quick Step
Sep  Harder Jitterbug
Rumba Slow Fox Paso Doble
Oct  Mambo Blues Waltz Jive Slow Fox
Nov  Harder Jitterbug
ChaChaCha Viennese Waltz Jive
Dec  Harder Jitterbug
Tango Rumba Viennese Waltz

Must bring

Dance shoes or shoes for inside

♠ Fees ♠ 

Plan Lesson(60min) 20s 30s、40s Over 50
Membership FREE
Sign up
on the day
5,000→4,000 9,000→8,000 18,000→13,000
Bronze Per lesson 3,000→2,500 3,500→3,100 5,000→4,000
Gold 14 Lessons
3 month valid
31,000→30,000 37,800→36,000 43,000→41,000
Silver 4 Lessons
1 month valid
8,000 13,000→11,000 17,000→15,000
Platinum 7Lessons
1 month valid
10,000 21,000→16,000 21,000
Premium Private Lesson
Buy 4 lesson tickets
2,500~10,000 3,500~20,000 7,000~25,000
Wedding Dance The First Dance The First Dance/Formation lesson package
Practice Partner (60min~) 3,000~10,000 5,000~15,000
Trial 1 Lesson 1,000→800 1,500 2,000
Deposit Refunded
on termination
4,000 8,000 13,000
Termination Fee 5,000 9,000 14,000
♠ Circle Club♠  Saturdays 11:00-12:00

Membership: 4,000yen (Regular lesson members do not need to pay)
Circle Lesson: 1,500yen
Regular lesson members: 1,000yen **Need to take regular lessons.
Over 50: Plus 1,000yen

**Lesson tickets may be used for circle lessons, parties; the difference should be paid by cash.
**Fees include tax, normally cash payment, no refund offered


Requirements for members

  • The main group is for young-mid aged. Members must be between the age of 20 and 49 (approx.)
  • Different generation groups will be for any age 50+
  • Members must be physically and mentally healthy, clean, and have good manners. Please be extremely careful with your behavior at the community.
  • People in the same trade are not allowed to become members of this community.


Basic manners at dance parties

There are certain manners at dance parties, please keep good manners. Your respectful attitude makes the community better and other people happier.

  • Please keep your mouth and body odor-free.
  • Dress Code:
    For regular lessons and Casual Dance Parties, there is no dress code, but it is advisable to wear something comfortable. If you sweat, you may change at the changing room. Long sleeve shirts are always recommended to wear.
  • Be happy and smile!
    Arrogant and disrespectful attitudes are not acceptable.
  • For people in the same business:
    We are afraid, but we do not accept anyone in the same trade to become a member, also we ban any inducement activities. IDC.Tokyo would be very happy to make a partnership, so please talk to us if you would require a collaboration.


Member’s Policy (April 1st, 2017)):

◆Advance Bookings required:Due to the limited number of attendees depending on lessons. Please book on your event app or by email at

◆Please pay by the end of month in advance (by 27th) by cash or a bank payment. No refund except deposit on a termination.

◆Unused boxes on cards cannot be carried over to the following month.

◆News and notifications will be informed by email and on IDC.Tokyo website.

◆In case of a continuous absence over a month, an access to the Member’s pages will be cut off. Re-registration would be required to return to the pages.

◆Direct dealing with registered teachers is banned. Offended parties will be intended to a damaged compensation.

◆IDC.Tokyo is not responsible for member’s personal belongings or trouble between members.

◆Those who commit to these activities below will be immediately removed from the group without any refund.
✓ Publish photos, videos, personal information on any public pages like SNS without admission from the members related.
✓ Inducement of any other activities
✓ Any harassment or violence

◆IDC.Tokyo  follows the Japanese Private Information Protection Law

◆Member’s policy, schedules, and fees  may be revised

**Members must agree to the conditions above.