♠ IDC.Tokyo (International Dance & Community. Tokyo) provides partner dance lessons of 14 dances + and organizes various events.
♠ A brand-new international dance community with new ideas of global networking. We fill up the demands of health, beauty, events, meeting and learning..

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Absolute beginners are welcome 


Do you think you can’t dance? Of course, you can!

IDC. provides you with various lessons for different levels and dance events where you can practice. Do not worry because everyone is new to dancing!

Various events


Various events and practice events organized by a professional organizer gives you various opportunity to dance and network with others.

Constant mingle practice parties, dance parties, demonstrations, seasonable events, dance tour etc..
After lessons and events, there are a lot of places for brunch and dinner, drinks.

International and professional networking 

This is only the international social dance community in Japan.that provides with various opportunity to  meet people at the same generation who wish to learn and enjoy dancing and networking. No matter where you may be from, IDC.Tokyo will be your home in Japan.

A social dance and networking community

You can’t dance? No worries! Experienced teachers and your new friends will teach you how to dance so that you can improve very quickly.

You will enjoy dancing beautiful Waltz and passionate Tango and Latin dances.  You will find yourself in a good shape with a good skin.
and,,, you will be very popular.

For experienced dancers, experienced professional teachers will teach you how to brush up your skills to dance more beautifully with various variations.
If you are looking to take Wedding Dance lessons, we can help you too!

This is a dance community that gives you enjoyable atmosphere with international  friendly and professional networking.
If you are looking to start something meaningful, come to join us!

8 Secrets of IDC. Dance & Community.Tokyo

Young to mid-aged generation

Not that young not that old, we are the right middle of the best working ages. We may not have a time to enjoy our free time, but we need to meet people and have fun!

You can meet amazing people at your generation and enjoy and learn dancing together and make new friends through dancing. What’s more, any nationalities are welcome!

Prestigious areas

After lessons and events, we go for drinks or brunch. There are a various restaurants and bars around this area so that we can enjoy networking together.

IDC.Tokyo focuses on providing a high quality meeting and sharing good times, therefore, areas are chosen in a careful manner.

Well constructed real dance lessons

This is not a circle or a school but is a premium dance community which provides over 14 different kinds of social dance lessons.

You will be able to dance any social dances such as Ballroom, Latin, Salsa. etc. Furthermore, all the lessons are well constructed by experienced professional teachers.

For those who are aiming to attend competitions, we introduce trusted instructors who provides high-quality lessons.

Various events

IDC.Tokyo regularly provides mingle practice parties, casual dance parties, formal dance parties so that members can have various opportunities to dance at true social environment.You can improve dancing while enjoying those events.


Professional teachers

Only professional certificated teachers are giving lessons not armatures.The teachers will give you secrets that they had been studying for years.

At other dance groups, there often are armature teachers teach; however, they normally do not know the details and how to teach, which will cause issues with the quality, and in the worst case, that causes serious injure at lessons.

Considering users’ safety and health, dance lessons are always taught by professional teachers since it is considered to be a sports.


“I can’t follow the lessons.””I want to improve more.””I want to only focus on this part.””I want to take lessons as a couple.””I want to learn wedding dancing.”

For those who come to these ideas, we provide private lessons. IDC.Tokyo introduce trusted dance teachers who will look after individual members.

Private lessons are highly recommended for those who want to improve their skills.

We also provide free consulting service.

Japanese lessons + International networking

Japanese lessons are provided as an option. It would be better to know how to speak the language in the country so that you can enjoy your private life better.

Social dancing has been imported from the Western and Latin countries, and therefore, people here are more open to international communication in both languages English and Japanese.

IDC.Tokyo welcomes any nationalities, and this is on the one in Japan where members can enjoy international networking while learning real social dancing.

About Partner Dancing

Partner dancing is the social dancing which is quite popular now for young generations as an enjoyable exercise, a stress reduction, a networking.

This is no longer an entertainments of elders.

We teach 14+partner dances to young to mid aged socializes (20s to 40s) at this community.

Waltz, Tango, Quick Step, Slow Fox, Viennese Waltz
Rumba,  ChaChaCha, Samba,  Paso-Doble, Jive
Salsa on 1, on 2

We also teach social manners. You can learn:

  • How to ask ladies to dance
  • How to accept gentlemen to dance
  • How to behave at dance parties
  • What to talk abut
  • What should not do
  • What to wear
  • Good manners and bad manners
  • Different manners between cultures