Business NameThe International Dance & Culture Academy – IDC.Tokyo

The International Cross-Culture and Protocol Academy of Tokyo
Head of DirectorMari Cecilia Murata
Headoffice4F Hulic Building, 1-13-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
(Lessons Only)
2F Onodera Building, 3-14-18 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Mission StatementBridge the world
Ballroom dance and international social etiquette glow personal lives
Business NatureAssociated culture academy of The International Cross-Culture and Protocol Academy of Tokyo

International Ballroom Dance
British Style
Viennese Style
American Style

International Social Culture Club

Managing Director / Head of instructor

Head SchoolThe International Cross-Culture and Protocol Academy of Tokyo certified school
CompanyIDC.International Ltd.,Co

We believe that ballroom dancing and international social etiquette are the communication of the mind between people and that society and education are one of the most in need.

If the enormous potential of ballroom dancing and protocols is conveyed to Japan in the right way, and incorporated into school education and hospital treatment, including the younger generation, people will be mentally and physically healthy and free from various stresses. We believe that we can lead a richer social life.

I believe that ballroom dancing is a new effective way to give global power to today’s Japanese people who are increasingly required to be internationalized.

We help students to improve knowledge and skills generously, and we teach a wide range of social dance lessons, from social etiquettes to various types of ballroom dancing.

I sincerely hope that the international social skills I teach will make people in the world happier, have the tastes of ladies and gentlemen, and enjoy a happy life with peace of mind.



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