Hip Movement


English Follows: まだ、オープン10日だと言うのに、先生方も皆さんの上達の早さに驚いています。さて、女性がきっと気になってるヒップアクションまだやっていないのでスコ〜しだけ教えます!

How to make your hips up?





上半身はまっすぐ上のまま、背中は背骨に乗っけておいて「体重を床に感じる」これだけです。一歩一歩しっかりと体重移動して、settle で一歩一歩床に体重を感じると、別の動きとともにあのアクションが出てきます。



You will probably learn how to make your hips move at Pre-Intermediate Class, but I will write something a little that I, who had trouble improving skills, drastically improved and received great scores at a high level pro-comp in 3 months after meeting Aki Teacher.

If you are already taking lessons, you have probably learned this, but don’t you think Hip Movement too complicated?

“Hip Action” is what it is called. You up your hips, which makes your dance very Latin!

That is not a movement we try to make but is a movement caused by some other actions. You will learn Cucaracha and Rumba Walks near future, and if you practice these, you will be able to get skills.

“Keep your body stretch up”,”Put your back on your back bone”and “Feel your weight on the floor” This is all about it. When you walk(dance), make sure your weight shift step on step and feel your weight on the floor when settling, and you will eventually get the action with other movement.

You never try to get the action, so please do not try yet. You will learn at lessons, but if you have dance experience and have problems with this, please feel free to ask the teacher or myself!

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