International Social Ballroom Dance Community Club in Tokyo

Are you looking for something new to start?

IDC.Tokyo is a unique social dance community, providing a variety of lessons and events. Come take lessons and socialize with other valued members!

We are different from other circles or schools! We Offer:

Our unique points:

  • An international community with ballroom dance and social dance lessons for young to middle-aged adults
  • Various styles of dancing such as American style and Vienna style are also provided.
  • Lessons in English and Japanese
  • Japanese lessons are provided
  • Protocol lessons
  • Various casual to formal events offered
  • Other activities outside lessons
  • Selected activity areas
  • Carefully selected members so that you can enjoy the community

Reserve lessons HERE (English version will open in December)



Trial Lesson: ¥3,000

Special Offer: Sign up on the day of your trial lesson & receive 50% off of your membership fee!

  • You may receive 50% off of your initial membership fee by signing up on the day of a trial lesson.
  • Members may also take visitor lessons.
  • Fixed 12 term contract. Cancellation during a registered term is not generally accepted, but for special circumstances, please discuss your needs with the owner. We may accept that with no deposit return.
  • Membership is renewed automatically; in order to cancel the membership, one month’s written notice is required.
  • If you pay for 12 months, you will receive a 5% discount.
  • Payments should be made by bank transfer or credit card on the 1st of every month. Note: Credit card payments accept  up to 50,000 yen.
  • An invoice handling fee of 4% will apply for card payments.
  • No extension of the card expiration date will be accepted under any circumstances.
  • Even if you are absent during a month, the monthly or 3 month fees will still be charged. You will be able to rollover unused lesson slots on your card to following months within the assigned term.
  • Your attendance and absence histories will be managed on the reservation site. Please register on this site after December 2017. (English version will be ready in December)


Lesson Fees
(+tax 8%)
Plan Term 20s 30-40s
Bronze First 3 months
Starter trial package,
10 lessons

Social Dance Only
Beginners start here

Gents ¥25,000
Ladies ¥20,000
Silver Second 3 months
12 lessons

Same classes: Social or Beginner classes only

Go to Gold or Platinum after this term

Gents ¥35,000
Ladies ¥30,000
Gold 12 month term
56 lessons / year

Auto Charge

Every 3 month payment
(On the 1st of each month)

12 months one time payment
(5% off Bank Payment Only)

*¥15,000 / mo

*¥10,800 / mo

*¥16,400 / mo
Platinum 12 months term
84  lessons / year

Monthly payment
(On the 1st of each month)

12 months one time payment
(5% off Bank Payment Only)

¥18,500 / mo
¥9,800 / mo
¥21,000 / mo
Book Study 12 Lessons ¥60,000
Premium Membership

(Together with IDC. Premium)

Junior Premium Lessons
Events up to ¥10,000
Free Passport Annually
Private lessons
(Up to 4 lessons)
Couples receive 5% off
Middle Premium Lessons
Events up to ¥30,000
Free Passport Annually
Private lessons
(Up to 8 lessons)
Couples receive 10% off
Private 25min / Lesson
10 Lesson ticket
25 min / Lesson
10 Lesson ticket
Wedding Dance All customized
Dance attendant 60 min~ ¥5,000~¥20,000
Other Fees
20s 30-40s
Trial Lesson 1 Lesson ¥1,500 ¥3,000
Membership Annually ¥10,000 ¥18,000
Visitor Up to 3 lessons Gents ¥3,150
Ladies ¥2,500
Deposit Return upon termination monthly fee monthly fee
Termination ¥5,000

**Tax will apply

Initial payment flow example(30s' Trial and register on 1/15):

Jan 15
Membership (50% off) 9,000
Deposit (monthly fee of future desired package) 16,400
Package (3 months) 30,000
税金 4,432
合計 59,832

May 1 Go to Silver
Package (3 months) 40,000
Tax 3,200
Total 43,200

Aug 1  Go to Platinum pay by credit card monthly
Additional deposit 4,600
Package (1st month) 21,000
Tax 2,048
Monthly invoice issuing handling fee 4%(on 1st on month)
Total 28,760

Thereafter, package fee and invoice handling fee, will be deducted on your card on the 1st of every month 
-By paying for 12 months, you may receive 10% off and no 4% of the handling fee changed 

Member Benefits

  • Use your company’s benefit packages
  • Members-only rates for events
  • Discount coupons at partner restaurants
  • Discount coupons at partner shops (shirts, shoes, dresses, etc.)
  • Discounted tickets for special events (competitions, shows)
  • Invitations to special events and parties
  • Get special information from the members pages (Facebook, LINE, etc.)

Terms and Conditions



Membership Application Form PDF

Membership Online Application Form

Please book lessons online. An English version will open in December. If you do not read Japanese, please contact us to reserve a lesson at contact@idc-tokyo.comRESERVA予約システムから予約する

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Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank
Yokohama Ekimae Branch 
Saving Account 1517616
Mari Murata

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