IDC.Tokyo provides a variety of European and American style Ballroom dance lessons. Members enjoy learning dances and attending various events. Come meet new friends and create cherished memories in Ginza, Tokyo!

Dance Lessons for all levels

Have you always wanted to try dancing, but lacked the courage to start?

IDC.Tokyo caters to people of all dance levels, ranging from those who have never danced before (absolute beginners), to those who are advanced dancers.

You can try dancing the beautiful Waltz, passionate Tango, cool Latin styles, and many more! With several lessons, you may find yourself standing taller with improved posture and confidence!

Lesson Schedule


Wedding package
first dance of the newlyweds.

Wedding Dance

“The First Dance”with your life partner.

Let us make your special day very special. We provide not only regular dance lessons but also customized wedding dance lessons for couples. Lessons can be given at the studio or anywhere you like.

We will attend your wedding to ensure you are comfortable enough for your performance on your wedding day.

Special custom made dresses can be offered as optional.

The First Dance

Various Events


We host a variety of dance events such as casual and formal parties, social dance practice parties, demonstration workshops, and seasonal events.

Members also often get together for meals or casual drinks after lessons and events!

Our aim is to create an environment that will empower members to enjoy learning how to dance by providing exposure to a variety of exciting social dance styles.


International Dance & Social Academy Club

People of all nationalities are welcome! IDC.Tokyo is the only international Ballroom dance & social community in Japan.

We offer lessons in both English and Japanese.

We put great effort into making this organization fun and enjoyable. Whatever your nationality, we hope you feel at home with IDC.Tokyo in Japan.


A Dance Social Community

You can’t dance? No worries!

Join us and enjoy dancing the beautiful Waltz, passionate Tango, and  spicy Latin dances.  You will find yourself in great shape before long!
(And you may become very popular!)

We are a dance community with a pleasant atmosphere and friendly, international, and professional networking opportunities.

If you are looking to start something fun and meaningful, come join us!


Different Demographic Groups

IDC.Tokyo is mainly comprised of young to middle-aged adult members.

Having a hard time finding a fun ways to engage with others your own age? By joining this community, you will have opportunities to meet many new people with similar age and interests and create amazing and fun connections through dance!


Prestigious Locales

After lessons and events, we often go out for drinks or a light meal. There are a variety restaurants and bars nearby, and we enjoy socializing together.

IDC.Tokyo focuses on providing a high quality social atmosphere and sharing good times. Our rendezvous locations are chosen with special care.


Comprehensive Lessons

All lessons are thoroughly prepared and expertly designed by professional instructors.

For those interested in auditioning for competitions, we can provide resources to maximize your  skill and potential.

By learning from certified instructors, you can be assured of high quality dance education and, more importantly, you are far less likely to get injured from incorrectly executing a technique.


Private Lessons

“I can’t follow the lessons…”

“I want to improve more!”

“I want to only focus on this step/movement.”

“We want to take lessons as a couple.”

“I want to learn to dance at a wedding event.”

If you can relate to any of these thoughts, we are pleased to offer private lessons. Private lessons are especially recommended for those who want to improve their skills more quickly.

We provide free consultations to determine what is best for you.

Ballroom dance in motion

Ballroom Dance

Partner-dancing is a form of social dancing which is growing quite popular among younger generations. It is incredibly fun, great exercise, an effective way to reduce stress, and a fantastic way to meet and network with people. Partner dancing has been around for ages, though, and is also extremely popular among elders. All generations enjoy this style of social dancing!

Dance Styles: Waltz, Tango, Quick Step, Slow Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz
Rumba, Cha-Cha, Samba,  Paso-Doble, Jive, and Salsa.

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