The perfect day, the perfect dance



Make your wedding day truly memorable.

Learning to dance for your wedding is a special gift

that you and your spouse-to-be can give to each other.

We are committed to help you celebrate your wedding by creating that special moment that will last forever.

Create unforgettable memories

For your love, family and friends

The First Dance & The Last Dance

The First Dance

Among the cherished occasions in your life that you will look back on,

your first time dancing together as a married couple will be one of the most important.

Your first dance as husband and wife is an expression of your future life together.

It is a time-honoured tradition with roots set in royalty as it was historically commissioned at Queen Victoria’s wedding.

The First Dance is an expression of eternal love.

It is the beginning of a new and harmonious life together.

The First Dance of your wedding can be the most enjoyable part of your day and it is a symbol of the unity you share with your spouse. It’s a moment that will forever replay in your mind. You’ve shared your first kiss, and now you are in each other’s arms. With a little preparation, you can make this moment even more perfect. We offer full wedding dance packages that include:

Fully Customized Wedding Choreography

Professionally choreographed to suit your dance experience and personal goals

Professionally choreographed entrance and exit to the dance floor

Customized style guidelines and techniques

Elegant arm styling for the bride to improve her movements on the dance floor

Multiple dance patterns for a more personalized routine

Step out on the ballroom dance floor with elegance and confidence together with your fiancé.

Make your wedding day perfect with the perfect First Dance


The perfect day, the perfect dance

Bridal Dance Class

A gift for a precious friend on their special day

Bridal Party Performance

Wedding guests, bride and bridesmaids going to place of wedding ceremony

Put on a performance that includes your bridesmaids and groomsmen to really kick off the night. Private Dance Lessons for your small group are a fun addition to any wedding party and will surely bring your group closer together and create lasting memories.

Wedding Dance Lessons for bridesmaids, groomsmen, and even extended family members, are a great way to de-stress from wedding planning and enjoy this special time in your lives together. Lessons are personalized for your time frame, dance ability and overall vision. All packages include professional choreography.

The Symbolism behind Wedding Dances

A wedding reception centers around delicious food, good company, and, of course, dancing. There are a few ceremonial dances that take place, the main being “The First Dance” and “The Last Dance”.

Following the introduction of the wedding party and the newlyweds, the just-married couple will share their First Dance. Whether it's a simple, swaying slow dance or a choreographed routine, the dance remains one of the most anticipated moments for the newly wed as well as the guests. It shows the love and unity between the new couple.

Traditionally, the bride dances with her father immediately after the first dance, although some couples choose to wait and hold their dances between meal courses. With the ever-changing face of families, a bride might also invite a grandfather, step-father, uncle, or father-in-law to join her. The Last Dance is a sacred custom in which the bride and groom hold hands together to promise their eternal love for each other. It is a beautiful way to end the evening and allow everyone one last moment of shared celebration.