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Mari Cecilia Murata

CareerMari Cecilia Murata is widely regarded in Japan as a trusted authority on etiquette and civility. Together with her professional international experiences of over 20 years, coupled with traditional values, gives her credence to adjudicate on modern manners and international etiquette. Having received multiple accolades in London, including the title Certified International Business and Social Etiquette Specialist and International Protocol Specialist, Mari strives to facilitate smoother communications between Japan and the world. During her time abroad, Mari began taking Salsa dance lessons in Canada, and Ballroom dancing in the UK. Following her professional ballroom dance experiences, she began to teach ballroom dancing as part of an international education model based on international etiquette and communication. While travelling around the world and experiencing the differences in culture and language, she felt the excitement of being a human being and started this activity in the hope that people of the same humanity would be connected to each other through language and dance. Deepening the understanding of the importance of human connections and culture, and developing human resources.
Professional Latin Standard Athletic Dancer
Professional Competition Dancer

Finding success in social and professional settings require an acute awareness of social etiquette. The importance of dance etiquette to the dancer can hardly be overstated. Together with social etiquette, understanding the accepted norms of behaviour in a formal dance setting are essential communication skills that form the foundation of a global citizen.

The value of social etiquette can be applied to all professional fields and industries. We believe that with a firm understanding of social etiquette acquired through dance will help you lead a more prosperous social life.

We offer dance classes and workshops that touch on a wide range of topics from ballroom etiquette to lessons in various types of ballroom dancing.

Social dancing requires elegance, appropriate behaviour and dignity for the occasion. By following etiquette standards, you can earn the rest of your peers and create a good and everlasting first impression of yourself. Enjoy an afternoon of elegance and learn to dance your way to success.

We sincerely hope that the international social skills offered at TES will make create a better world, make people happier and help create new opportunities for our students.