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Please tell us how you got to know IDC.Tokyo in Ginza, Tokyo, and what are your thoughts.
Please tell us how you found IDC.Tokyo and what you feel about the community club?I'm learning in the classroom right now, but it's just demo lessons, which is fun, but I wanted to be able to dance with many people, and I wanted to try Latin too. I realized that I could dance alone. Lately, I thought Latin dance was fun. (Female 30s June 2017) I have been taking lessons at another school where I can only learn standard dancing .I wanted to join a society where I could dance more for parties.When I searched “Party Dance” on Google, I found this group.This is so much fun! I now like Latin dance the most.~30's Lady

I asked a friend! I like the concept.

>> What is it like?

This is where everyone can exchange information through dance. I feel that it is possible to share not only dance but also your career, or personality. It's like a business exchange between different industries, like dancing in a club and making friends, like adding the best of both worlds. An uncle who is familiar with ballroom dancing can enjoy it without being embarrassed, even if it is not embarrassing for beginners. I feel like I'm feeling.

I really hope that I can interact with the participants more and more and get involved in their lives and work. I think I haven't been there yet.

I really like dancing.
I'm not good at dancing, but after all I feel like a person when I dance!

Even now, I've been dancing at clubs and getting along with friends I've met for nearly 20 years, both business and private. That's nice. Female 30s May 1, 2017

I hadn't done this dance until January, but now I'm watching videos! It was a lot of fun and it was great to meet Mari-san and this dance. Female 30s I had not danced before, but I am truly enjoying it and now I watch dance videos to learn.I am so happy to have found this dance community!

I met the organizer at another event she organized and joined dance lessons here.I had no idea dancing would be so great!When I dance, I forget about everything. Now I am truly enjoying it.I will keep coming as much as possible! Thank you, Mari, for opening such an amazing community. You enriched my life! I met Mari at an event I planned before her, but I invited her to dance. It's so much fun when you come and you can forget everything when you dance! Dance is really fun now. Thank you for opening such a wonderful place! Female 30s

I searched on the internet and found your website.I really liked the sound of a group for a younger generation and I thought this was THE time to try! I am currently taking lessons at another local school, but I cannot get better.Here, today, I found that the lessons are a lot better.~Lady
I searched on the internet and found the site. Then, in a place of the same generation as me, there was such a place! now or never! I thought. I'm taking it at a local school right now, but I don't really enjoy the lessons with older people, and I'm not improving at all, so I came here today. This is a lot more fun, and the lessons are easier to understand, so I made many new discoveries today! Please join us! Lady female 30s

I found this community on Facebook.It just sounded fun and very unique.I had never heard of anything like this, so I told myself, “Why not try!” So, I am here today. The more lessons I take, the more new things I find.I read lesson notes to review every time I come here.What's more, the events here are all great! This is a great community.Thank you so much for opening such a wonderful place!! ~Lady
I found it on Facebook. It's kind of unique and looks so fun, so I decided to come. I've never heard of this. .. I thought, "I have to try it!" Every time I take more lessons, I know a lot of things, and I also read the lesson notes to study! Furthermore, the event is so much fun. .. I'm really enjoying it. Thank you for opening a really nice place! Lady female 30s

I am a super beginner and I was looking for a place to learn the Waltz and found your community.I was worried if my age was young enough to join this group, but I talked to Murata-san, who encouraged me to try at least one lesson.I really enjoyed it, and I was able to dance the Waltz, which I always dreamed about doing.I only want to take lessons of slow dances, not hard ones, and now I know that the beginner Monday classes will be the best for me. The events sound fun, too.I will be back next week! ~Lady
I was looking for a place where Waltz could learn. I'm a super beginner, but I didn't know where to learn it, but I contacted him as it is okay for a beginner. When I was worried about my age, Murata-san welcomed me, "Please come and see if the atmosphere suits you." I feel like I was able to dance the first Waltz today! Monday is the best because I want to learn only slow dance. I'm also interested in events! Lady female 30s

I was not sure if I would be welcomed, as I had never danced before and I am quite a casual man, but Mari was very welcoming at the first event and no one looked at me like a stranger.It felt very good to join the society.I think dancing should be fun, but dance schools just look so boring and too strict, which would not fit me. But here, I can take real lessons and meet good people.I really like it! The price is very reasonable, too. I will buy shoes tomorrow!! ~Gentleman
I was really casual and I didn't know if it fits here, but Mari was willing to accept me, and some people didn't look at me with strange eyes and it was very easy to enter. Although dancing is supposed to be fun, it seems that the classroom is a tough image, and I hate dancing, but I can enjoy it here! Moreover, it's super reasonable! I will buy shoes in Ueno tomorrow with the card I got! Gentleman Male 30s

I found this on an event application.I am truly enjoying lessons.I practice at home, read your lesson notes, and try my best to come to every lesson.I am sorry that I sometimes cannot make it, but I try my best. I am very happy to have joined this community.Thank you very much for opening this amazing place.~Gentleman
I found it in the event app. I am really enjoying the dance right now. It's hard to work every week because I'm busy with work, but I practice at home and review lesson notes. I'm really glad you opened this place. I look forward to working with you. Male 30s

I am from Australia.I was dancing in my country and I took a few lessons in Tokyo, but it seemed to me that they only had lessons for weddings or competition and did not have a social side.I was so happy to hear from my Having dance lessons and social activities here is a great idea. Yes, I want to come as much as I can! ~Gentleman I am from Australia. I danced in my country and took private lessons in Japan, but the classroom was mainly for competitions and weddings, and I didn't socialize. Meanwhile, I was invited by a friend. It's a great place to interact, dance, and international! I want to come as much as I can!

I am from America.I found this community in an event application.I took a few Salsa lessons previously, but I actually enjoy the dances here more.The lessons are really great and very detailed.I feel that I get better every time I come here. I enjoy the events a lot and people also speak English! ~Gentleman
I came from America. I took a salsa lesson, but this one is more fun. I will be able to do it every time I come and I feel like I did it because the lessons are very detailed. The event is also fun! And above all, it's great that everyone can speak English! Gentleman Male 30s

I am from America and have been living in Japan for years.It was so nice to hear that Mari started this community! I knew her from a previous group she organized, so I knew that it would be great.I tried the Waltz for the very first time and I really enjoyed it! I will be back next week! ~Lady
I came from America. I have been in Japan for many years. I met Mari at an event she had planned for before, so I thought this must be good. Waltz, it was my first time in my life, and it was a lot of fun! See you next week! Lady female 30s

I am from Malaysia.This is such a great idea!! I loved the sound of the events on Facebook, so I tried it.I had never danced these kind of dances, but they have already become my passion.I bought temporary dance shoes dance online, but I will get proper dance shoes next time! I really love to dance!!! I love all the events and people, too.What's more, it is a lot less expensive than my other hobbies, hahahaha. I will definitely tell everyone to join us. Mari, this is a great community! ~Lady
I'm from Malaysia. This idea is very good! I felt like I heard it on Facebook, so I participated, but it was a dance I had never done before, but now it's my passion! Everyone at the event is wonderful! I'm using shoes for the time being, but I'm planning to buy proper dance shoes. I'll definitely spread it to my friends! Mari, a great group! Lady female 40s

I was taking lessons in another classroom, I had a lot of doubts, and I felt my dance was rough, but I didn't tell me there, but at the beginning I was planning to attend only the event, but also the lessons When I received it, it was very good and the problem was resolved. I can't speak English but I enjoy interacting with each other. Gentleman

I've been taking lessons at a school somewhere else, but I have so many questions about what to do, which they don't teach.I came to the first event, and when I took the first lesson, I was amazed!! !I was not sure about leading and following, footwork, etc. but the teacher on Saturdays fixed all of my problems and now I understand what to do much better.I am so so so so happy!! I will definitely take lessons every week ! I also like attending brunch with other members after classes, too! ~Lady

In the dance lesson, I didn't know much because I didn't understand it, but I didn't know much about it. I took the lesson after the first event, and I was surprised at how good it was! I didn't know such details. I don't know how to lead, follow or footwork. .. It's a lot of fun because the teacher on Saturday will teach you in detail! Lady

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