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The tastes of ladies and gentlemen There are many wonderful elements in English ballroom dancing. The possibilities that dance can bring out are endless. To convey its richness and make your dreams come true.

Mari Cecilia Murata

Ballroom dance guidance (beginners only) ・ International manners teach internationally accredited courses Guidance on international culture through ballroom dance
  • "Preferences for social circles" Ballroom dance instruction
  • Guidance on international social etiquette (behavior at a dance party, behavior at a high society, etc.)
  • Conducting overseas social circle tours: providing a real social circle and ball experience
  • He is also the founder and director of the ICPA International Liberal Arts Protocol, which is internationally accredited by our school, and teaches the tastes of international socializing as an expert.
  • Ballroom dance is limited to Tuesdays only 
  • There is a manner test for attending

If you do not understand the manners and courtesy, we will refuse to attend.

Business profile

Living in Thailand, Canada, and the United Kingdom, he travels around the world as a tour conductor, meets various people, exchanges culture, studies and researches culture, and after returning to Japan, works to support the internationalization of Japan. Continue.When I met social dance, I started pair dancing at Salsa Dance Brazil Samba when I was studying in Canada, and realized the joy of "dancing in pairs".Unlike the ballet dance and jazz dance that I had been learning until then, being two people motivated me.After that, I learned ballroom dancing in England, felt "necessity" more than my hobby, and started studying to master ballroom dancing.Instructed dance as a professional C-class "social taste" in both Latin and Standard.Specialized in international social etiquette in the UK, and is active both inside and outside the country as an expert in international social etiquette (including business and diplomacy).

International ballroom dancing and social etiquette are communication techniques and are considered to be one of the most needed methods of society and education.

We believe that we can lead a richer social life if we correctly convey the enormous potential that these offer and incorporate them into school education and even hospital treatment, including the younger generation.

We will give you serious guidance in a wide range of lessons, from ballroom etiquette to various types of ballroom dance lessons.

Social dance requires noble, elegant, correct behavior and dignity on the spot.If you can dance nicely, it's really comfortable, fun, and very elegant.

I sincerely hope that the international social skills that we will teach will make people in the world happy, have the tastes of ladies and gentlemen, and enjoy a happy life while having a sense of comfort.

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Mari Cecilia Murata

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