The academy is a place for learning and the club is a place for socializing 
Observe the rules and manners

Since TES Academy is a place of learning, people who do not follow etiquette and rules cannot belong to it.

If you do not read the terms and conditions, it will not work, and if you read and agree or refuse, you will be withdrawn.If you violate the rules and regulations, or if you make a decision, you will be forced to withdraw from the membership for whatever reason.After forced withdrawal, entry is prohibited and contact between the academy and students is prohibited. In severe cases, entry and exit of the real name is prohibited.

Also, the rules and regulations exist for students rather than for the academy.The purpose is to protect everyone and grow into a safe and comfortable academy.Follow the rules and etiquette and take the course comfortably.

Many foreign nationals do not know the basic manners, rules, and common sense, so there were many cases that caused serious problems.In addition, we have set unified rules without exception because we have caused trouble to others and harassed them with an arrogant attitude.

In Japan, there are different places where people feel comfortable and uncomfortable.Always keep in mind that inconvenience to others is the most serious and bad thing to do.That way, everyone and myself will be comfortable.

When it is judged that it is necessary, you will be asked to take a manners course before the dance course.

Please join only if you can follow the rules below.

  1. Rules
  2. Etiquette
  3. Do & Don't
  4. Behavior and manners at the event
  5. Event support rules and manners

?Please be sure to read it.If you didn't read or understand after joining, it won't work.


Recognize the academy as a "learning place"

Create a comfortable space by strictly observing the set rules, greeting, and considering the surroundings

Be aware of your position as a student and behave politely

Any act that causes trouble to other students is prohibited for any reason.

Students with many complaints from other students will be withdrawn for any reason

Don't forget to say hello and thank you, not forgetting the feeling that you are using the facility.

Principal's position (important)

As long as you are an academy student, the principal's decision is absolute and irresistible

All rules are decided by the principal, and counterarguments and opinions are not allowed unless they are allowed.

It is not permissible to request an explanation for a rule (knowing that all rules exist for others)

Be aware of your position and behave politely Use honorifics 

Say hello Don't contact me personally

When you need to talk, you can make an appointment with the secretariat and speak in the designated public place only when the principal approves. If you do not approve, you are not allowed to speak.

Rude attitude towards the principal is not allowed

The principal is not in a position to pay attention to the students. Precautions are communicated to the secretariat and the instructor and indirectly to the students.

To receive etiquette guidance directly from the principal, you need to take a course No free education

If you receive direct attention from the principal, it is a final warning and no objection is allowed.

Requesting a reason from the principal will be rude and will be withdrawn immediately

Lecturer and student

Behave politely, knowing the position of the instructor and students

The instructor is not a student's friend

Instructors of all ages are student masters and superiors

Treat the instructor with courtesy

Do not contact personally

Speak in honorifics

If you need to talk, contact the secretariat and get permission from the principal

Do not book lessons directly

Don't talk about the lesson method 

If the lesson content does not match, consult the secretariat (instructor education is the job of the instructor's educator)

If you receive the attention of the instructor, please accept it. Do not ask unnecessary questions. If necessary, consult the secretariat consultation desk.

Importance of greetings

Greetings are especially important in relationships

Say "to anyone"

Teachers, students, staff, others

Recognize that people who cannot say hello are insane

Greetings are evaluated not only by acquaintances but also by others


Ask "May I?"

"Are you sure you want to ask a question?"

"Are you sure you have time now?"

"May I give you an opinion?"

"Are you sure you want to consult?"

In that case, if you are not told "good" but "no", you should withdraw immediately. Forcibly starting a talk or trying to negotiate is regarded as an act of harassment and you will be immediately withdrawn.

If necessary, you can consult with the secretariat if you have permission

Definition of trust

Relationships consist of "trust"

"Trust" consists of honest and sincere attitude, behavior that considers the other person, behavior, and behavior without lies.

"Trust" begins with keeping promises and rules

"Trust" means taking responsibility for the work you have been given.

"Trust" means accepting and not using the other party

"Betrayal of trust" marks the end of relationships

How to enter the venue

Follow the rules of each venue

1, Required procedures at the reception after arrival (temperature measurement, disinfection, name entry (real name)) At this time, it is important to say "Good morning" and "Hello" to the people at the facility.

2, Wash your hands in the changing room and put your luggage in the locker Do not put it in that area

3, Take your shoes to the studio Take off in front of the studio and put your shoes together

4, put on shoes in the studio

5, disinfect before participating


It is operated at the headquarters of our academy management company.

It is out of the question to talk about management

Acts that interfere with operations are prohibited

Inconvenience to facilities using the academy will interfere with the operation of our school. Strictly observe the rules of the facilities.

Role of the secretariat

The secretariat does the secretariat

Lesson reservation, application procedure, payment related, newsletter, other office work

Consists of multiple people, personal names are not disclosed Do not try to retrieve personal information including names

Existence of convention

Student rules are academy law and must be followed

Do not ask rules and regulations to explain reasons that are generally more than necessary (read and understand, common sense, etc.)

The rules are rules, and if you are not satisfied, withdraw from the membership and do not interfere with it thereafter.

Terms page


The attitude of withdrawal determines all the humanity of the person

It is not allowed to complain about the withdrawal fee As with the enrollment, labor costs and work will take several hours

If you do not pay the withdrawal fee, you will be prohibited from entering and exiting in the future under any circumstances.

Say hello and quit E-mails and documents are not accepted as greetings

Lesson manners in Japan

In Japan, starting a cultural lesson is called "introduction" in the sense of going through the gate.There is "learning etiquette" when learning from a specific teacher, not from an unspecified number of teachers like a sports gym.If you do not follow the tacit understanding of the lesson etiquette, you will be excommunicated and you will not be allowed to enter or leave the classroom again.Below, all classrooms will be operated with the same idea.

Students are not "customers" who pay.Money is just a thank you.Don't forget the feelings you are learning

Always remember to say "Thank you for telling me" and put it into words

Remember that it is only with the instructor that you can improve

Always act "so as not to bother others"

Parking / bicycle parking should be in a place stipulated by law

Wash your hands before joining the lesson

Refrain from being late

Clothes, hairstyle and cleanliness during the lesson

Speaking / conversation / question timing

Listen to the instructor

Don't ask the same question

Hierarchy of seniors, juniors, bosses, teachers, students, etc.

Attitude toward others

Greetings / Apologies

Gift etiquette (Gifts to the instructor may be received in some classrooms, but it is not necessary at our school because the people around us are careful. We appreciate your feelings)

Event etiquette: Guest role / Host role

Event guests need to be host-friendly Do not behave selfishly

There is a hierarchy

Confirm with the organizer whether or not to present the bouquet, and confirm the timing of handing it to the moderator on the day.

Things give up and change the idea and behavior of "I am I"

Even if it is not a company, there is a manner of working people

No one pays attention to manners.If you are warned, thank you for telling me, correct it, and do not argue.

Always be considerate of others and do not behave selfishly

How to quit is comfortable and does not waste time

Manners in Japan Dos & Don't

Knowing your manners will take everything in the direction that suits you best.Manners are not only a guideline for others, but also a guideline for you to spend your days comfortably.

For deeper learning, our school has a "manner course", which is divided into those for foreign nationals and those for Japanese.It is recommended because it will be a highly valuable course.First of all, let's refer to the list below.

Good manners Dos

  • Say hello to anyone
  • Speak in honorifics with anyone
  • Follow the rules
  • Dress clean: Perfumes are not preferred
  • Keep a distance from others
  • Align shoes
  • Cleanly use changing rooms and break rooms
  • Wipe the water after using the dressing table
  • Things to put away
  • Don't take up too much space
  • No noise when opening and closing the door
  • Handle things with both hands
  • Always care about "around" and act
  • Be careful not to bother others
  • Observe the rules because they are for others
  • Thank you if you are warned
  • Receive gifts carefully and open them carefully
  • Gifts may be refused. Even if they are refused, there are circumstances, so if you do not receive them personally, giving too many gifts may be a nuisance and may be mistaken for a bribe, so be careful. It is good if there is a reason such as, but it is preferable to give thanks on the first day of the lesson, but it is not essential.
  • Give up your seat, especially for the elderly, disabled and pregnant women
  • Observe rules and etiquette with stickers, such as etiquette in trains
  • Keep track of how you behave at the event
  • According to the rules, good manners are to say hello face-to-face, even if it is possible by email.
  • Do your job well so as not to bother others

Bad manners Don't

  • Don't say hello
  • Ask for greetings from others even though you don't say hello
  • Talk with a tame mouth even though I'm not a friend
  • Don't follow the rules and complain about the rules
  • Unclean clothes, too flashy, uncomfortable, etc.
  • Not enough respect for others
  • I don't have shoes
  • Do not use the changing room or break room cleanly and move according to your own rules
  • How to use the dressing table is dirty
  • Don't store things
  • Take up too much space
  • Doors are noisy to open and close
  • Handle things roughly
  • Be selfish and don't think about things around you
  • It's okay to bother others
  • Illegal acts that do not follow the rules
  • Be careful and complain
  • I don't know gift manners
  • Gifts may be refused. Even if they are refused, there are circumstances, so if you do not receive them personally, giving too many gifts may be a nuisance and may be mistaken for a bribe, so be careful. It is good if there is a reason such as, but it is preferable to give thanks on the first day of the lesson, but it is not essential.
  • Don't give up your seat
  • Ask unnecessary questions and complains without observing the rules and manners with stickers such as manners in trains
  • I don't know how to behave at an event
  • Behavior that causes any inconvenience to others
  • It's rude to quit while complaining
  • Do not create unnecessary work for the other party

Behavior, manners, and knowledge at the event →

In the case of social gatherings and other meetings, there are absolute etiquette etiquette.

The guests of the event are not "customers".The correct behavior is to take the role of the guest in consideration of the host (presidency).It is the role of the guest to behave politely and make the event a success, never letting the host do unnecessary work, behaving selfishly, or changing the content of the event itself.Also, if you can behave better, the organizer will like it and it will be a good event for you.

Follow your etiquette and have a good time together.

In the "social circle course", you can learn more deeply, so it is recommended for those who aim to go up a notch.Also, if you do not understand at all, you will be required to take the course.