Sharing affluence through cultural entertainment and charity social club

International Social Culture Club
The International Social Culture Club

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Ladies and gentlemen's social club

Share abundance and knowledge at dinner parties, wine parties, study sessions, etc.

Overseas culture tour

Social experience on the Vienna High Society Tour and the British Royal Tour

Annual ball

The ball held in Japan is the best fun

Charity activities

Planning charity activities as social contribution activities Bringing the benefits of events to social contribution

Connecting the world through culture and people

Contribute to society while being grateful for the richness of culture and performing arts, and enrich society


Learning and exchange for socializing can lead to international exchange and promote the internationalization of Japan.

We will contribute to society by creating connections with people through socializing and culture, internationalize Japan, and solve social problems. Together with people who value culture and culture, we will grow into an organization that can pass on the "essence" to the next generation.

Membership conditions / terms

Members will be interviewed if they are acquainted by introduction / invitation system or if they are new. If we judge that it is not suitable for the member, that there is a violation, or that it will hinder future operations, we will thoroughly ask you to withdraw from the membership.

Membership agreement


Charity activities

Currently in preparation

Annual fee

Admission fee: 24,000
Membership fees are subject to change
TEA students have access in the first year
Event member discount
Candidate for support member
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Access to premium events
Gold badge as a contributing member
Promotion on the site
Supporter registration / co-sponsor
VIP registration / sponsor registration
Individual member
¥24,000 ¥100
Half price after the second year of the yearper year
Application for membership
Corporate member
¥120,000 ¥200
Yearper year
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VIP member
¥500,000 ~ ¥500
biteper year
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