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The International Social Culture Club

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Join us for a range of exciting social events including our Anniversary Butoh Supper and Annual Ball

Connecting the world through culture and people

ISCC Mari Cecilia Murata

It is my personal belief that through education and social exchanges this will lead to an increase in international exchanges and promote internationalization within Japan.

At TES, we strive to contribute to society by creating meaningful relationships with people through culture, as well as the internationalization of Japan and the resolution of social problems.

We will strive to contribute to society by creating relationships with people through socialization and culture, as well as the internationalization of Japan and the resolution of social problems.

The International Social Culture Club aims to contribute to society by aiming to provide a social space that conveys this message to the next generation together with people who value culture and tradition.

Our social club’s message is underlined by the theme of cultural education internationally accredited Comprehensive International Protocol School and the International Liberal Arts and Dance Academy, which are parents of our society.

Education is the ultimate luxury

We hope to convey the benefits of education and culture to the world, and in turn bring people together.

All affiliated companies are foreign-affiliated companies, organizations and clubs in Japan and overseas.

Interested persons may apply to join our social club and will undergo an interview. If there is a violation of the rules by a club member, member will be cancelled.

In the future, we plan to place more education support and offer more social contribution activities for club members.

IDC. Tokyo Offers lessons in social dance, language, social etiquette, and international skills.

International Cultivation IDC. International offers business skill lessons and company

For individuals and corporations who want to be involved in activities, or who want to take social lessons, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

<Annual fee including tax>

Enrollment Fee: 22,000 yen

 Annual Membership Fee: 26,400 yen)

  • Members will receive discounts for social and cultural events
  • Notifications for events will be announced at the time of event

<Executive Member> 

Annual Membership Fee: 132,000 yen

  • Access to member-only events
  • Recognized as a contributing member to the society
  • All Standard Member Benefits
  • Member Badge
  • Sponsor Registration
  • Secret Society Access
  • Posting/advertising/notifying (approval only) possible on social club page
  • Co-sponsored
  • Cooperation with volunteer activities ・Published on the site

<Sponsor Member>  VIP Club Contact us for details

We are looking for a sponsor company.

Bite: From 500,000 yen

  • Executive First Class VIP Member
  • Members investing in the future potential of club and Mari Murata activities

<Annual update>

Twice a year, in January and July

  • January members: Join by January-JuneBill for the following year every year on December 25th Pay by 30th
  • July members: Join by July-December Bill for the following year every June 25th Pay by 30th

ISCC EN Application

ISCC application form

Membership agreement

When applying, please download the application form and send it to by scanning. Please give us the original at the first event or lesson.