The Happoen Banquet Ball

A New Era calls for Celebration

2021-02-05T15: 30:00


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The Ball

Date: Friday 5th February 2021

Time: 15: 30-20: 00

Venue: Happoen

-Enjoy the modern and traditional world of Japanese-Western harmony-

  • Ballroom dance: Katsuhiko Izumi, Emi Ballroom dance, stage dance
  • Japanese Dance Performance: Moon Princess - Tsukihime
  • Biwa: Yasui Arai (Satsuma Biwa)
  • Harp: Hideki Kobayashi Flute: Eriko Yajima
  • Live Painting Performance: Akane Fujita
  • MC: Greg Irwin Bilingual Moderator

Commitment to French cuisine with 7 courses of finest wine and champagne

Changing rooms are available at the venue

Ladies: Kimono, evening dress, ball gown
Gentlemen: Dinner jacket (black tuxedo), tailcoat, kimono 
Rental and custom orders are available.Reservations must be placed one month in advance

◇Available Classes: Offering you an extensive variety of dance classes

  • Ballroom Dance Lesson: Saturday 10: 30-11:20, Yotsuya 16,000 yen a monthIndividual lesson tickets are also available
  • Social Etiquette Lesson 5 hours: Group 66,000 yen Individual 99,000 yen (discounted rate)
  • Cotillion / Ball Intensive Practice October ~

Classes must be booked in advance. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

To apply please contact us by email:

*Please note that dancing is optional and you can simply enjoy the socializing aspect of our classes.

** As a measure against COVID-19, please thoroughly measure the temperature at home, disinfect at the entrance of the venue, measure the temperature, wash your hands, leave your jacket in the cloakroom, wear a mask, disinfect it diligently, and prohibit sharing of food and drink. We are doing it. Especially when talking or dancing, wear a mask and talk as far away as possible. Please note that ventilation will be provided during the event. If you feel unwell, please refrain from participating.

Application Form HERETransfer fees to the bank account, please.Thank you.

◇Admission fee◇

  • General members: 43,000 yen
  • Non-members: 48,000 yen
  • 1 table: 430,000 yen (only for group reservations for up to 10 people)

If you wish to become a member.

  • Standard Membership: 35200
  • Executive Membership: 132,000 yen
  • VIP Club: 1.5 million

Note: The price includes tax. In case of cancellation from the customer after payment, no refund will be given under any circumstances. If the transfer cannot be confirmed, it will be automatically canceled. Please let us know when you apply for food allergies. Participants will be responsible for the transfer fee for refunds in the event of a natural disaster. Cancellations after December 1, 2021 will not be refundable.

[About costumes]

Black tie jacket for men or tailcoat for women Evening dress (long only)

[Costume rental order] 13,000 for women ~ 15,000 for men ~
Special event discount reservation:


Class for Butoh Supper
Ballroom dance: Saturday 17: 00-17: 50, 4 times a month
Special lessons: December 20th January 17th 15: 00-17: 00 
Social circle course 5 hours: 3 times end Next undecided individual course at any time


ISCCInternational Social Culture Club
The International Social Culture Club "Shares culture, literature, and culture, enjoys well-educated socializing, enriches people, and enriches society.
You can read more in the Facebook group below. Approval system group
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The English Style English Ballroom Dance Etiquette Academy

The International Cross-Culture and Protocol Academy of Japan
A specialised school.

In the latter half of the video below, there are voices and impressions of the students

Application Form HERETransfer fees to the bank account, please.Thank you.