A trip to Vienna

Vienna Cultural Tour / Ball Tour

Aristocratic experience and social debut

Make your dream of Vienna come true


Who does the trip go with rather than where?

A VIP tour with local information on a social gathering before the trip with a tour of 6 to 8 people

Austria-based Imperial Tours & Events Co-sponsored to the world of Austria's highest peaks

Visiting a number of places that can only be visited if there is a special local connection is the life of an aristocrat.Learn Austrian culture and go to the world's best ball.
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Austrian aristocratic cultural experience

Music / Art / Dance Austrian culture is full of beauty This is the only tour where you can experience aristocrats.

The highest ball

We will also guide you to the highest-class ball, which is traditionally held in Vienna. The debutante that can only be achieved with this tour is not a dream.

Local expert

All travel agencies and instructors are qualified and experienced experts, so you can rest assured. With an interpreter, you can rest assured.

Local lesson

It is also possible to take dance and protocol lessons locally. Learn more locally to further improve your education.

Austrian culture's highest peak "learning trip" 9 days

The pinnacle of premium learning trips Get the best education through Austrian culture and aristocratic experiences Held every June Special event with Imperial Tours & Events

1. Travel schedule

"Learning Journey" can be enjoyed in a spacious space with 6-8 VIP tours.

2. High Society Activities

Western aristocrats enjoy not only socializing but also hunting and shooting.Of course, wine and music are all educated and I'm looking forward to it.

3. Best expert

Learning from local experts is a valuable experience to further spread knowledge

4. Schedule for 2022

May 2022, 5 from Tokyo Narita

May 2022, 5 Arrival at Tokyo Narita

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Vienna Ball Trip 5 Days

Dream Vienna Ball! "Vienna Ball Trip" guides you to various balls every year Special event with Imperial Tours & Events September and late February every year

1. Vienna ball tradition

Since the 18th century, Vienna has held large-scale balls every year, and now there are as many as 400.Some balls, small or large, can only be accessed by locals or cannot be entered without a message.In this tour, we will carefully select and guide you to the popular ball.

There are also dance and etiquette lessons, and the dress code is clearly specified, so you can participate with confidence.

2. Arrange for partners

Whether you dance, dance or not, you need a partner to enter.We will also arrange a partner, so it is safe to participate alone.If you are interested in the Debutante Program, please contact us as soon as possible as it will take two years to prepare.

3. Other activities

In addition to the ball, we will guide you to activities to enjoy Vienna

4. Next appointment

The Vienna ball Tour 2021

Date: September 24th to 19th, 2021


The Vienna ball Tour 2022

Date: Friday, February 25th to Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022
Date of the ball: Monday, 28th February 2022
Location of the ball: Hofburg (imperial palace)


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Full support with professional members
The Art of Culture. The richness of life is the richness of the heart The richness of the heart is the polish of sensibility Let's enjoy Austria, a country of beautiful art and music, socializing and ball of aristocratic culture together!Enrich your mind with education
Mari Cecilia Murata The English Style / ICPA Founder
“Let's start a journey back to our cultural and social roots and explore the similarities we share. Learn from us about the important characteristics of European social events. We will help you to avoid pitfalls and prepare you for societal stages to ensure your personal success. ”
Matthias Urrisk Founder – Imperial Tours & Events
“In Europe's history, politics and culture have always been linked together, with Vienna being the heart where momentous decisions were made by sovereigns. Since then, the art of connecting business and social events has become a vital part of Austria's identity, with us being profound experts in this tradition. “
Paul Tupy Founder – Imperial Tours & Events

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