UK Certified Social Manners
Polishing elegance

Guide to our ICPA course Learning about the social circles of a full-scale finishing school
Sample Course & Interview

UK Certification-
English manners for ladies and gentlemen
The Finishing Touch

UK accredited program offered at our school ICPA
The best self-polishing to polish elegance
The first step in learning high society

We will guide you to our ICPA course.Japanese-centered course. The Polished Gentleman (International Gentleman Culture and Manners Course) is also very popular.

Protocol etiquette

Knowing "why" is the first step towards taste.Learn the theory and prepare for the foundation.

Preparation for polishing History culture

We will understand the fundamental differences between Japan and the continent and recognize why learning is necessary.

Elegant first impression

The first impression changes all the relationships.It's not just about what you wear, it's about your behavior.

Social greetings / introduction

In international exchange, there are implicit rules when introducing people.Learn the correct greetings and referrals.

Posture / walking / body language

Posture and standing behavior determine a person's impression.Body language is an important communication tool.

How to behave in social gatherings

It's important that you don't become a "flower on the wall" about how you should behave at a networking event.

Social dress code

The correct dress code, what you wear tells you everything and determines the value of the person.

Hosting Events with Grace & Elegance

Proper event hosting and invitations are mandatory.Making a wonderful and best event.

Elegant table service wine

Get the best hospitality with the right table service and the right wine knowledge.

Dinning Etiquette

Table manners are also in the behavior.From the history, tastes and knowledge of table manners around the world.

Elegant conversation method

Not only can you speak English, but if you know the rules, you can speak dignifiedly and elegantly anywhere.

Nice speech

Nice people have different speeches.You can give a speech anywhere and get an elegant behaviour.

How to write an elegant letter

How to write invitations and letters, paper, letters, envelopes, differences in correspondence, and the tastes of the recipient, which are essential for high society.

UK Royal Protocol

The UK Protocol is the pinnacle of high society history, VIP events, aristocratic classes, honorific titles, medals and more.

English Afternoon Tea

Style, culture, how to get it, conversation, clothes, table manners, afternoon tea are the tastes of ladies and gentlemen

Social etiquette

Flower arrangements, walking, makeup, perfumes and other great behavior lessons

Full-scale course of our school ICPA that teaches protocols around the world

Process to Elegance

Support from the beginning
Step by step to elegance
  • 1
    Sample Course & Interview

    Directly consult with the director of the school, such as the balance with your own purpose, through hands-on lectures and interviews.
    Start from here

  • 2
    Introductory to Advanced Course

    Step up from one-off courses focused only on purpose to practical learning
    Issuance of certificate Overseas training

  • 3

    Certified International Cross-Culture Specialist, Acquired Professional Skills

  • 4
    Certified Salon Management / Professional Qualification

    Run an ICPA certified salon
    Receive continuous guidance, and management as an ICPA affiliated school.

Learning the best elegance

Gentlemen and ladies' tastes

Have an elegant day

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