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Academy officer

Founder / Academy Director

Dr. Mari Murata Cecilia

  • "Preferences for social circles" Ballroom dance instruction
  • Guidance on international social etiquette (behavior at a dance party, behavior at a high society, etc.)
  • Conducting overseas social circle tours: providing a real social circle and ball experience
  • He is also the founder and director of the ICPA International Liberal Arts Protocol, which is internationally accredited by our school, and teaches the tastes of international socializing as an expert.

Living in Thailand, Canada, and the United Kingdom, he traveled around the world as a tour conductor, met various people, exchanged cultures, studied and studied culture, and returned to Japan in 2011. Since then, he will continue his activities with the aim of supporting the internationalization of Japan.

When I first encountered ballroom dancing, I started pair dancing at Salsa Dance Brazil Samba when I was studying in Canada, and realized the joy of "dancing in pairs". Unlike the ballet dance and jazz dance that I had been learning until then, being two people motivated me. After that, I learned ballroom dancing in the UK, felt "necessity" more than my hobby, and when I resumed in Japan, I felt the "potential for the world" hidden in ballroom dancing and studied to master ballroom dancing. I started.

Professional C grade for both Latin and Standard

Teaching dance as a "social taste". Specialized in international social etiquette in the UK, and is active both inside and outside the country as an international social etiquette (including business and diplomacy) international certification expert.

  • Dance instruction qualification
  • UK school certified international social etiquette teacher qualification (published by the Department of International Teacher Training, UK)
  • UK school certified international business etiquette / international skill instructor qualification (published by the Department of International Instructor Training, UK)
  • UK school certified international diplomatic ritual instructor qualification (published by the Department of International Instructor Training, UK)
  • English instruction (Cambridge English)
  • General Itinerary Management Qualification (Japan Tour Guide Service Association)
  • Completed the lecturer training course of the Japan Manner Protocol Association

Ballroom dance instructor / choreographer

Executive Director

Fumio Goto

  • JCF (Japan Professional Dance Competition) Ballroom Latin Class A
  • Galaxy Masters Dance Championship (Budokan) Rising Star Latin 2nd Place  
  • Open Latin Semifinalist
  • All Japan Student Competition Dance Championship Samba 9th
  • Eastern Japan Student Competition Dance Latin Rookie of the Year Samba Winner  
  • Worked as a dance hall manager and professional dancer in the Disney Official Hotel for 10 years. More than 100 dance parties are held annually.
  • He also serves a wide range of lessons from children to adults and as a partner.

Academy support

Wine Liberal Arts Advisor / Dance Trainee

Nikita Dmitriev

Born in Ukraine in 1985 and raised in Brittany, France. I was blessed with the opportunity to learn Japanese when I was a university student in Ukraine, and fostered a longing for Japan that I learned from my teacher.

As a wine specialist, he is in charge of liberal arts courses, and as a leader of the director of IDC.Tokyo, he works to popularize "cultural ballroom dancing." Assisting students as a lesson assistant while receiving daily training for professional conversion.

He went to France alone and studied economics at the European University of Brittany and earned a master's degree in international marketing and management. French nationality is also given because of the good results. At the same time, he participated in the Japanese competition and won the championship. Get an opportunity to study abroad at Tohoku University. At Tohoku University, study the cultural and economic differences between Japan and Europe at the International Culture Research Division.

Encounter with dance has been trained as an amateur dancer since high school in France.

As an environmental consultant at a Japanese company, he supports the overseas expansion of Japanese sustainable companies and works to improve customer satisfaction as a brand manager for hotel chains.

Language learning instructor (English / French)

French consultant

Shingo Shimizu

  • DELF C1 (Equivalent to French Government Certified French Examination Level 1)
  • French test quasi 1st grade

French is the first language of social circles. French is often used for ballroom dancing because it is the first language in ballroom dancing.

Practical French lessons that do not require grammar or vocabulary. Self-introduction in 30 minutes from zero, techniques for talking to French people in 10 seconds, and gentle, easy-to-listen and reassuring teaching methods are popular with students from children to adults.

  • Lessons for Air France ground staff
  • Special lecturer for scholarship students Lessons for Japanese living in the Principality of Monaco
  • Interpretation and translation
  • Interpreter at the Japan-France Travel Agency Business Meeting
  • Interpreter for a visit to a Frenchman in architectural design
  • Interpretation at demonstration meetings of agricultural products
  • Interpretation at a charity gala party and document translation of the Grand Duke of Monaco, etc.

Partner company (Austria)

"Journey with friends" will guide you to the world's social circles and high society tours.

We offer customized tours only for TES, such as the Debutante Program, Vienna Dance Tour, and Cultural Tour Certificate Program.

The tour content will be taken to the ball on the final day after the perfect program cultural trip that matches the ball season.

  • School management in Vienna as a ballroom dance professional instructor
  • Also choreographs and teaches debutante
  • Austrian protocol instruction
  • Event support of Japan-Austria Cultural Exchange Association

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