Special Program

Interested in becoming a full-fledged debutante in Vienna?

Young men and women in aristocratic circles have long attended a finishing school to polish their manners, their deportment and accents. Distinguished families in the United Kingdom have traditionally sent their young ladies to finishing schools in Switzerland to learn the intricacies of correct upper-class behaviour.

We are an UK accredited academy of international liberal arts. As etiquette and protocol experts, we offer courses with a focus on international culture, international social skills, and protocols. Our two-year Debutant Program is a combination of social and dance courses and provides an exceptional foundation for young men and women to take their first step into society.

The program graduates young men and women who are able to meet a range of social and formal situations with poise, good manners and elegance. Please note that this program is open only to individuals up to 27 years old.

Today’s young ladies need not only develop their interpersonal skills, but also cultivate their digital image. There is no finer time than now to impart these lessons and life skills. More than an etiquette course, The English Style-Ballroom Dance & Etiquette Academy Tokyo is designed to refine both the intellect and aptitude of participants through activities such as ballroom dance, international cultural knowledge, and fine dining experiences. Our goal is to instill confidence and grace in our world’s future leaders.

Our Academy's finishing program is a UK-certified list of programs that incorporates knowledge from Switzerland and France.

All tours are conducted in Japanese.