Special program up to 27 years old

Would you like to become a full-fledged debutante in Vienna?

Our school is an academy affiliated with an international liberal arts school that is also accredited in the United Kingdom.As an expert, we also offer courses on international liberal arts, international social skills, and protocols.We have a perfect two-year debutante program that combines social skills and dance courses.

Only people in their twenties can make a full-scale social debut.Traditionally in Europe, it's a dream to attend a finishing school and be here, and I'm educating to send my daughter out.

Participating in this program from Japan has a very high status, and it is considered that you have fully acquired the taste of ladies and gentlemen.

Would you like to get a nice 20's license?

Our Academy's finishing program is a UK-accredited, listed program that incorporates knowledge from Switzerland and France.Wearing dance along with the full-scale course is the way to this program.

All tours will be conducted in Japanese.