Beginner Class

What you can learn in this class

Elegance Academy English-style ballroom dance beginner class course, you can practice to reach the beginner-intermediate level in 12-24 months ♪

  • Ballroom dance main 4th basic
  • Remember the steps
  • Learn how to use the body
  • You will be able to dance the basic routine alone
  1. Video courses are accessible as long as you are a TEA member.
  2. The video is constantly updated.
  3. The lesson content is basically the same.
  4. We will let you know in the forums if there are any major changes to this course.

What kind of person is it suitable for?

  • Classes from 20s to 40s
  • Experienced introductory ballroom dancing
  • Ladies and gentlemen who want to start dancing
  • People who want to meet nice friends
  • People who want to eliminate lack of exercise
  • Those who are also interested in English manners

Those in their late 40s and above go to classes over 50 years old However, the video course is common


An introduction to English ballroom dancing

The basics of elegance
Ladies and gentlemen
English ballroom dance

At The Elegance Academy, teach English ballroom dance, Vienna ball waltz, and English ballroom manners. You can make your social debut here!

A fulfilling curriculum where you can learn English ballroom dancing in order from 1

In January, the first event will be held according to the curriculum, so there will be no waste and you will definitely improve.

I wonder if I can do ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing, I can't really predict what I can really do I want to start something nice, but I can't exercise, and I don't have a particular sense of music.

How good the ballroom dance was!

No way, it's so quick to have an effect on posture and mental and physical stability!I have a wonderful encounter and I would like to continue for more elegance and diet.

Tomohisa Yamashita

Rika Kinoshita


Let's listen to the students' voices

Ballroom dancing was fashionable ... It's the basis of ladies and gentlemen!
At first, I wanted to start a hobby and try to do something completely different, but I was attracted to the beautiful website and came to the Elegance Academy.It's much nicer than I expected, and now I can't wait to enjoy the weekly lessons!

SY (30's)


I think that ballroom dancing has many elements that are necessary as a gentleman.Its behavior, attitude, and compassion for the other person.It's great to have fun and learn it!

Tomohisa Yamashita (36)


While studying international etiquette at our school, I realized that ballroom dancing was one of the factors.In fact, it requires a lot of behavior and compassion, and I think it can be used to improve myself.

Is it going down a tree?


Easy-to-understand and polite lessons are very educational every time.At regular events and dance parties, you can learn practically and gain confidence.
Above all, it is recommended because it can be enjoyed.

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Elegance Academy Three Features

Elegance Academy is a school for ladies and gentlemen
English / Viennese
Ballroom dance manners

Ballroom dance for ladies and gentlemen, lessons for Vienna debut and British ladies and gentlemen manners lessons are UK certified

Full curriculum
Video review E course

The curriculum is more fulfilling than anywhere else, and you can check video courses and assignments by E-learning for each class, and you will definitely improve.

Social club

A full-fledged community that hosts balls and social gatherings
There is also a network community dedicated to the academy on the site!


Being able to do ballroom dancing makes me confident

Nice encounter

Encounter with wonderful friends

Impression of appearance

Elegant and beautiful for both diet and posture correction

It can be done because it is an academy attached to ICPA

Only Elegance Academy can do it all

Learning more than dancing

Our school ICPA is an internationally accredited school

The Elegance Academy is an affiliated school of ICPA that teaches international etiquette and protocols, so learning is more than a full-fledged dance.

Video review course

Take good care of students

We have set up an online course where you can do your homework online with what you learned in class!You can also send a private message to your teacher

Elegance community

With nice friends

It's worth it just to get acquainted with the conscious students of the Elegance Academy. Learn more than lessons.

First of all, here is the experience!

The only academy to learn elegance in the world Now to try!

TEA Academy Director
Mr. Mari Murata Cecilia

An experienced ballroom dance teacher and I will be responsible for your support.

International ballroom dancing and social etiquette are communication techniques and are considered to be one of the most needed methods of society and education.

We believe that we can lead a richer social life if we correctly convey the enormous potential that these offer and incorporate them into school education and even hospital treatment, including the younger generation.

We will give you serious guidance in a wide range of lessons, from ballroom etiquette to various types of ballroom dance lessons.

Social dance requires noble, elegant, correct behavior and dignity on the spot.If you can dance nicely, it's really comfortable, fun, and very elegant.

I sincerely hope that the international social skills that we will teach will make people in the world happy, have the tastes of ladies and gentlemen, and enjoy a happy life while having a sense of comfort.


Road to elegance

Steadily and surely ...
  • 1
    Introductory / Beginner

    3-6 months for beginners 1-2 years for beginners Get a solid foundation and social etiquette if possible

  • 2

    Finally 10 dances Over the next two years, let's take on the challenge of the improvement presentation and pull out the TEA friends!

  • 3

    Take on difficult steps by adding more variations! Let's play an active part as a leader team of TEA!

  • 4

    Let's aim for higher level, study international manners, and aim for teaching qualifications.


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