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    We have summarized the frequently asked questions

    1. About the operating company

    It is a corporate operation. For detailed business introduction,At the head office website

    2. Can inexperienced people take lessons?

    All lessons are available to inexperienced people. Please rest assuredExperiencePlease come to.

    3. About clothes and belongings

    • For dance lessons, bring beautiful shoes that you can wear in the studio and wear casual clothes that are easy to move around.
    • Manner lessons are smart (fashionable everyday wear in consideration of the hotel venue), writing utensils
    • Please be sure to check each dress code for the event

    4. What kind of person are you learning?

    Fashionable and positive people are taking the course.

    You can also see the students in the video.

    The English Style YouTube

    ICPA main school YouTube

    5. The threshold seems to be high ...

    It's a fashionable concept, but anyone can come, so don't worry. I'd love to,Please experience once.

    6. What happens if I am absent?

    • In the case of a monthly dance class: Transfers can be made in the next month, so there is no waste. 1 group lesson = 1 individual lesson
    • Private dance lessons: Cancellation fee will be charged from 2 days in advance. It will be looked back within the expiration date.
    • Manners course: Transfers are possible within the deadline.

    You can take lessons without waste.

    7. Do you have any competitive dance instruction?

    Only private lessons are available. The instructor will be a 10 dance grand finalist instructor.

    8. Can wedding dance be done in Japan?

    We will negotiate with the venue and arrange the floor. We are also a professional event organizer, so we can help you organize your wedding, which enables you to dance.

    9. Do I need to apply on the day of the experience?

    There is a discount for application on the day, but application is not mandatory.

    10. Do you have lessons in English?

    Bilingual teachers can teach in English and Japanese.