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To book a trial lesson, please send us the form below.

IDC.Tokyo is a place for learning about culture and culture. Thank you for your participation in an orderly manner.

The lesson studio is a 5-minute studio from Yotsuya Station. We will inform you after making a reservation.

Our studio is located nearby Yotsuya Station. The venue will be informed after a booking confirmed.

Please kindly note that IDC.Tokyo is a serious cultural school. Please follow our standard rules.

To reserve a trial lesson, please use the form below. You will receive a confirmation email. For a trial lesson, please send the form below and receive a conformation email.

There is an age limit for the academy and classes. We appreciate your understanding as this is a comfortable space for the students.

Since it is a small group system, there may be one person.

10:30, 11:30 20's to 40's Between 20s'to 40s' ¥ 3,000 excluding tax

15:00 General ball lesson Viennesse Waltz ¥ 4,000 excluding tax

16:00 Over 50s' ¥ 5,000 excluding tax

Private Lesson ¥ 10,000 Tax not included

Social Etiquette Lesson Trial ¥ 60,000 ~ Tax not included

For individual lesson reservations, please email, line, etc.

Weekly group lessons are only for notification of absence

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