Butoh Supper 2022

Welcome to the elegant Butoh Supper

To a fantastic classic world view


Butoh Supper 2022

6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Tokyo Station Hotel
White tie / black tie

Application deadline 2021 End of year Discount deadline September

The world of dance and classical music

Ballroom dance and live classical music
Ballet and art collaboration
2022 details are currently undecided

Enjoy art and culture

Performance by professional performers is exceptional
Student performance and awards ceremony

Full course and fine wine

In stock of wine carefully selected according to French cuisine
If you like wine, you can order more

Dress code

Black tie / white tie
Dress up and enjoy yourself
For details, go to the question column


Get to know the people behind Intact. Our creative and technical team.
Murata Cecilia Truth
Chairman of the International Social Culture Club

Ballroom Dance

Support options

Full support for preparations required for the event
Please make a reservation in advance
Event applicationOption reservation

* Dancing is not compulsory. Please be assured that the main meetings will be "social", "appreciation" and "dining".

Dance etiquette lessons

Ballroom dance lessons / ball special lessons
There are also individual lessons, group lessons, and practice sessions for participants only.

Fine wine

Luxury champagne, white and red wines are included in the course. On the day of the event, you can order additional wine with a coupon ticket (bottle only) in advance. (Bottle only)

Rental costumes / custom costumes

13,000 for women ~ 15,000 for men ~ Special event discount
For rental, please make a try-on reservation and order at least 2 weeks in advance. Please order 2 months in advance.

Hair and makeup reservation

Please make a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance for both men and women. (Cannot be picked up when the reservation is filled) 7,500 yen ~

Host team

A wonderful support member who will decorate the butoh banquet hosted by the International Social Culture Club together.

村田真理 学院長




Shiiki 国際教養マナー初級










Edward Wood

Systems Analyst

Confirm before applying

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. There are some important contents, so please check before applying.

1. Membership fee / application method

Please visit the application link and be aware of your application and payment deadlines and cancellation policy

  • Non-members: 50,000 (45,000 until September)
  • Membership: 43,000 (40,000 until September)
  • 20s: 35,000
  • 7 people per table: 301,000 (paid by the representative), then 40,000 per person

If you would like to joinFrom here

2. Precautions

  • Tax-included price
  • In case of cancellation from the customer after payment, no refund will be given under any circumstances.
  • Seats will not be reserved until the transfer is confirmed
  • If it cannot be confirmed, it will be canceled.
  • Please let us know when you apply for food allergies.
  • There is no refund even in the event of a natural disaster. It is possible to secure a seat for postponement
  • Participants will be responsible for the transfer fee for refunds when the event is not held.
  • We will not answer more questions than necessary regarding the above rules.

3. Be sure to check the dress code

This event is strict on the dress code. Please be sure to observe it. Checking and admission may not be possible at the entrance.

Dress code: Black tie / White tie

4. Food allergies

Please be sure to fill in the comment section of the application. Please refrain from telling the venue on the day of the event. Likes and dislikes are different from allergies.

5. About event manners

About event manners,HerePlease refer.

6. Dance is not mandatory

Dancing is not mandatory. If you don't dance, enjoy watching, socializing and wine. You can walk around more and more during the exchange time after meals.

7. Order additional fine wines

We will send you a wine menu by email in advance, so if you would like to add it, please make a reservation in advance. Only bottles are available. It is also available on the day. Please purchase coupon tickets in cash or by card. Additional wine bottles will be placed on the table. Please note that the glasses used at the venue will be used. You can bring your own glasses, so please contact us in advance.

8. Reservation of costumes and hair sets

  • Reservations for rental costumes are up to 2 weeks in advance
  • Made to order up to 2 months ago
  • Hair set reservation up to 2 weeks in advance

Please be sure to adhere to it. In addition, we may not be able to make a reservation, so please make an arrangement as soon as possible.

9. Accompanied

A coeducational school is preferred for a butoh banquet, which is mandatory in Europe and the United States. This meeting will also be given priority to those accompanied by men and women, so please join us as much as possible.

10. Group application

Please be sure that the representative will guide you responsibly as a table host. Please make payments in bulk and contact us from the table host. In addition, please register the e-mail addresses of all the participants in order to prevent misunderstandings such as poor contact.

11. Sponsorship / Cooperation / Donation

If it fits the purpose of the event, we will be happy to accept it.

  • Flower fee donation: 5,000 yen per bit (table flower, performer flower)
  • Management cooperation: 10,000 yen per bit
  • Ticket sponsorship: Table application
  • Opening: 2 tickets purchased (but with screening)
  • Souvenir communism is not possible: You can consider it for a fee We do not give you souvenirs.

We will post the logo etc.

12. Event management organization

ISCC International Social Culture Club: Enjoying educated socializing, enriching people and enriching society Approval group Click here for event updates

The English Style English Ballroom Dance Etiquette Academy https://idc-tokyo.com/

The International Cross-Culture and Protocol Academy of Japan https://icpa-in.com/ A specialised school.

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