The Ball 2022

The world of people born in the Ancient Greek

Beautiful modern classic world

Telling history to the future

Create a beautiful world

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The Ball 2022
The Ancient Greek
A ship that passes history to the future

The Ball
5:30 pm to 10 pm
The Tokyo Station Hotel "Houho"
Formal wear

Application deadline: 20th December, 2021


Membership fee

Non-members: 55,000 Members: 45,000 People in their 20s: 40,000

Transfer destination: Daitokyo Shinyokumi Union
Ginza branch
Ordinary 3646971
ICP E-Kokusai Protocol Ka)
For other discounts, benefits and options, please see "Apply".Please refer to the Q & A at the bottom for the explanation of the dress code.

Welcome messages from the ball host team

Beautiful companions who achieve the same goal of learning together

Intelligence / Beauty / Victory

The dignified world creates beautiful people The intellect creates ideas The "goddess of victory" smiles

Beautiful creative entertainments

Creative culture and performing arts

Opera, Art Live with Harp, Ballroom Dance

Full course of dignity and goregious wine

Enjoy socializing with beautiful conversations

Enjoy wine at a special wine table where you can enjoy wine even if not dancing

Encounter with intelligent people

Meet beautiful people in the beautiful place

There is a wonderful life-changing encounter here.

2022 spiritual theme
"Beauty and Wisdom" "Victory"

International Liberal Arts Protocol Academy-ICPA and The Elegance Academy's special annual ball hosted by the ICPA Social Club

Main Host Mari Cecilia Murata

~ To the sea of ​​beauty, wisdom, and victory ~
2022 is the time to fly "towards the future of victory" with friends

2021 was a year of great turmoil in the world, horror, sadness, and a glimpse of the roots of humankind.

The year of 2021 is the time to establish "love and trust" with people around us in order to be healed from such suffering, and now that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been held in 2021 and we have restarted, 2022 will be the year of the future. It will be "a year to fly toward the future with friends".

I have discovered something extremely important for all of us after more than 20 years of research and experience. The key was "the miracle jewel of hope" to transform the world.

To convey this, we launched the International Liberal Arts Protocol Academy-ICPA and its affiliated school, The Elegance Academy.

The theme of ICPA's learning to teach liberal arts through protocol studies and languages ​​is "a ship of learning that leads to victory." The Elegance Academy is a sophisticated cultural academy, and the ICPA Social Club is a sophisticated social club for a new future created by members of the world's dignity and intelligence.

At ICPA, we teach life skills. Every learning such as history, people, and yourself, and discovering how to live with confidence will lead to the joy of life.

On the important day of the 5th anniversary, I would like to deliver a "gift" to our special guests.I'm certain that you will bring back a precious treasure from my words.

The appearance of the friends uniting their hearts and working hard together with the passion to "make a wonderful meeting" is like watching the Olympic athletes who will win the battle.

We would like to invite our guests to join us as a "characteristic companion" who travels with this wonderful community and our world of creative, futuristic, history-telling. We hope you will enjoy the extraordinary ball.

Professional performers

Invitation of special performers from each world

Katsuhiko Sensui & Emi

Ballroom dancing

Akane Fujita


Greg Irwin

Bilingual moderator

ICPA Social Club Host Team

A wonderful support member to decorate the butoh banquet hosted by ICPA Social Club together
Mari Cecilia Murata
School director / chairman

Let's steer for "victory" with everyone

Takayuki Sugimoto
Sub-leader / schedule manager

International gentleman liberal arts beginner's class completed
"I want to make it a meeting that delivers excitement!"

Shiki Yokoshima
Schedule director / director

Completed beginner's class of The International Etiquette Programme
"There is no doubt that it will be a beautiful event!"

Rika Kinoshita
Marketing director / director

Advanced International Etiquette Programme Completed
"We will work together to make a wonderful event."

Akira Fujimori
Wine sommelier table art

Ballroom dance beginner class
"Ladies and gentlemen dress up and decorate a wonderful night."

Confirm before applying

There are some important contents, so please be sure to check before applying.

Membership fee / application method

Non-member: 55,000 yen (tax included)

Member: 45,000 (tax included)

20s: 40,000 (tax included)

In addition, there are discounts, etc., so please access the application link to check.

Please be aware of application and payment deadlines and cancellation policies.

A 3.8% fee will be charged separately for card payments.If you wish, we will issue an online payment invoice, so please let us know.

* Advance discount has ended on October 10st.

<Transfer destination>
Ordinary 3646971
F) IDC International

For other details, please access the following.

The Ball 2022 application

Precautions ・ Punctuality

  • Tax-included price
  • In case of cancellation from the customer after payment, no refund will be given under any circumstances.
  • Seats will not be reserved until the transfer is confirmed
  • If it cannot be confirmed, it will be canceled.
  • Please let us know when you apply for food allergies.
  • There is no refund even in the event of a natural disaster.It is possible to secure a seat for postponement
  • Participants will be responsible for the transfer fee for refunds when the event is not held.
  • We cannot answer more than necessary questions regarding the above rules.Please understand.
  • Punctuality is on the day.You cannot enter the room after the start time. (If you cannot finish it, please contact the secretariat or the venue by the day before)

Be sure to check the dress code

This event is strict on the dress code.Please be sure to observe it.Checking and admission may not be possible at the entrance.

Dress code: Black tie / White tie

If you don't have it

Rental costume optionsPlease also use

Male: Tailcoat, black tie (please refrain from color)

Woman: Long dress (dress up as gorgeous as possible)

Kimono is also possible, but since it is a Western-style party, Western clothing is recommended.

In order to behave correctly and nicely, there is a social course dedicated to the ball.If you do not know, please take this course.A 5-hour course with meals and a 3-hour course without meals will be held.

Do you have any food allergies?

Please be sure to fill in the comment section of your application.Please refrain from preparing it if you inform the venue on the day of the event.Likes and dislikes are different from allergies.

Dance is not mandatory

Dancing is not mandatory.If you can't dance, please enjoy watching, socializing, and wine.You can interact more and more during the exchange time after meals.Please be assured that we also have pre-dance lessons.

Wine options

Pre-dance lesson

Ordering additional fine wines

If you would like to add wine in advance, please make a reservation in advance.Only bottles are available.It is also available on the day.

Please use a card to purchase coupon tickets.Additional wine bottles will be placed on the table.

Please note that the glasses used at the venue will be used.You can bring your own glasses, so please contact us in advance.

The wine list is currently in preparation.

Additional wine coupon

Reservation for costumes and hair sets

  • Reservation of rental costumes is up to 1 month
  • Made to order up to 3 months ago
  • Hair set reservation up to 2 weeks in advance

Please be sure to adhere to it.In addition, we may not be able to make a reservation, so please make an arrangement as soon as possible.

Optional service


The Butoh Supper is preferably accompanied by men and women and is mandatory in Europe and the United States.This meeting will also be given priority to those accompanied by men and women, so please join us as much as possible.

Group application

Thank you for applying for the group.

The representative will be responsible for guiding you as a table host.

Please make payments in bulk and contact us from the table host.

In addition, please register the e-mail addresses of all the participants in order to prevent misunderstandings such as poor contact.

Sponsorship / Cooperation / Donation

If it fits the purpose of the event, we will be happy to accept it.Thank you very much.

  • Flower fee donation: 5,000 yen per bit (table flower, performer flower)
  • Management cooperation: 10,000 yen per bit
  • Ticket sponsorship: Table application
  • Opening: 2 tickets purchased (examined)
  • We do not accept souvenir sponsorship: We can consider it for a fee.We do not give you souvenirs.

The logos of cooperating companies will be posted on the program.

Event management organization

ICPA Social Club: Enjoy educated socializing, enrich people, enrich society

ICPA students play a central role in holding events and holding study sessions.Please join us. 


ICPA Social Club

The Ball 2022

Under implementation of virus infection enhancement measures

The host group has been vaccinated while the virus infection enhancement measures are being implemented.

Infection prevention measures at the venue

Please be sure to cooperate with infection prevention measures at the venue

Wearing a mask and disinfecting

Please use the disinfectant solution each time. Please wear a mask other than meals.

Temperature measurement

Please be sure to measure the temperature at home and at the studio reception. Please refrain from participating if you are not feeling well.

Sponsored vaccinated

Organizer side vaccination and antibody test completed

Let's hold the meeting safely and happily with your cooperation.