ISCC The Ballet Ball 2022

The Ball 2022

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Date: February 18, 2021 2021

Time: 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Venue: Happoen

~ Ideal collaboration to the world of Vienna ~

  • Ballroom dancing:
  • ballet:
  • Classical music
  • MC: Greg Irwin Bilingual Moderator

Fine wine champagne French cuisine course commitment

Changing rooms are available at the venue

Ladies: Kimono, evening dress, ball gown
Gentlemen: Dinner jacket (black tuxedo), tailcoat, kimono 
Rental and custom orders are available.Please make a reservation at least one month in advance.

◇Available Classes: Offering you an extensive variety of dance classes

  • Ballroom Dance Lesson: Saturday 10: 30-11:20, Yotsuya 16,000 yen a monthIndividual lesson tickets are also available
  • Social Etiquette Lesson 5 hours: Group 66,000 yen Individual 99,000 yen (discounted rate)
  • Cotillion / Ball Intensive Practice October ~

Classes must be booked in advance. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

To apply please contact us by email:

*Please note that dancing is optional and you can simply enjoy the socializing aspect of our classes.

Application Form HERETransfer fees to the bank account, please.Thank you.

◇Admission fee◇仮申し込みの時点の金額ではなく、お振り込みタイミングでの金額をご入金ください。

  • Member: 43,000 yen (40,000 applications by September)
  • Non-members: 50,000 yen (application by September 45,000)
  • 20代の方:35,000円 (学生は30,000円)
  • 1 table 7 people: 301,000 yen (payment by representative) After that, 10 people or more group 1 person 40,000 yen
    ** In the case of a group, the representative must collect and pay. We will not be involved in troubles between customers **

If you wish to become a member.

  • Standard Membership: 35200
  • Executive Membership: 132,000 yen
  • VIP Club: 1.5 million
注意事項:税込価格です。ご入金後のお客様からのキャンセルの場合には、いかなる場合でも返金はいたしかねます。お振込みが確認できるまではお席の確保はされず、確認できない場合は、自動的にキャンセルとなります。食材アレルギーはお申込み時にお知らせください。天災などの場合でも、返金はありません。延期先の席の確保になります。不催行時の返金の際の振込手数料は、ご参加の方のご負担となります。 以上の決まりに関する必要以上のご質問にはお答えいたしません。





[Costume rental order] 13,000 for women ~ 15,000 for men ~
Special event discount Reservation:



ISCCInternational Social Culture Club
The International Social Culture Club "Shares culture, literature, and culture, enjoys well-educated socializing, enriches people, and enriches society.
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The English Style English Ballroom Dance Etiquette Academy

The International Cross-Culture and Protocol Academy of Japan
A specialised school.

In the latter half of the video below, there are voices and impressions of the students

Application Form HERETransfer fees to the bank account, please.Thank you.