Wedding dance

Wedding dance that promises eternal love
The First Dance & The Last Dance

Dance when you are proposed


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A once-in-a-lifetime wedding, dressed in a white dress,

A day to spend an important and special time with your loved one while being surrounded by your loved one

On a more special day

Escorted by loved ones

Loved ones are really happy

Happiness for your precious family and friends

The First Dance & Last Dance

First dance

This first dance is essential for Western weddings.

In the West, it is the tradition of Queen Victoria's wedding commission.

Dance that dances with loved ones is called "first dance."

"First dance" has an important and important meaning when a father marries an important daughter to the groom.

It also means that you will never leave your life.

"Let's pick up our hands and stay with us all the time."

Customized for you only

We also offer wedding dance packages.

Dance that was choreographed for only two people according to the situation

Would you like to dance in a special place?

Even if you are not good at dancing, you can rest assured that we will teach you from scratch.

Wearing a wedding dress

Escorted like a princess

Being hugged and shining more than anyone

Can you fulfill your important dream?

It is safe even if you are not good at dancing.

Our professional instructors will take responsibility and help you on your important day.

Bridesmaid usher dance

An important gift for an important friend on an important day

Bridesmaid and Usher's moving performance

Wedding guests, bride and bridesmaids going to place of wedding ceremony

Bride and Groom will be delighted to have such a heartfelt production that their friends, who the bride and groom most trust, will surprise on their memorable day.

From choreography to lessons, we will provide choreography and instruction according to your needs.

What is a wedding dance?

There are several types of wedding dances, and the main types are "last dance" and "first dance." Even in the West, the idea of having a daughter-in-law is the same as in Japan, and the bride is passed from the father to the groom.

"Last dance" is when the father sees off the daughter who has been holding hands for a long time, and "First dance" is a sacred dance in which the bride and groom hold hands together, help each other, and swear eternal love.

Why don't you make your day even more beautiful with wedding dance, which is not yet mainstream in Japan?

The First Dance & Last Dance

The First Dance

We will customize the wedding dance package for your special day.

Depending on your requirements we will propose packages starting from 5 lessons.

If you wish to have a wedding in Japan we can help with organizing your wedding using professional planners.

Bridesmaid Dance Performance

Gift for your precious friend

We can send a professional choreographer to help you with your performance for your friend's marriage.

How to include The First Dance at your wedding in Japan?

The First Dance is not very well-known in Japan as many have not danced at their wedding.Thus, many of the wedding venues are not designed for dancing.

As experienced event organizers, we know how to design your wedding using your favorite style, even in Japan.We will negotiate with venues and arrange everything you will require using professional wedding planners.

Consult us, knowing we can organize the wedding style you have dreamed of and we will be delighted to fully support you in making your wedding individually tailored to your expectations on your special day.

Dresses / Arrangements

We can help you with wedding dresses, morning dresses, formal dresses, an MC, a photographer, and after parties.

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