Vienna Style Walz

Vienna Style Waltz

You can also learn the Vienna Wiener Waltz in Vienna, which is difficult to teach in an ordinary classroom.

In addition, since this class is a “ball-only lesson”, you can learn how to escort, invite, and behave at social gatherings.

The ball season in Japan begins in November and ends in March. In the meantime, we will learn Winna Waltz so that we can dance nicely at the ball held. This Winner Waltz will allow you to dance in the authentic Vienna, and you can act proudly even at such social events.

We will also guide you to the annual event that reproduces the Vienna ball in Japan.

<Why can't you learn Winna Waltz? >

Ballroom dance requires much more sophisticated techniques than it looks. Our Academy will thoroughly guide you from "standing" and "walking". Because it is very important.

Winna Waltz cannot dance tomorrow today. First of all, the reason why it is the most difficult for all disciplines is that there are few foot shapes.

It requires advanced skills not only in the form of foot, but in how to use the body, your own axis, the axis with the other party, how to use your toes, how to express the amount of rotation, and so on.

Therefore, it is usually the last dance you can learn.

<Why should I take the Wiener Waltz in parallel? >

It's a dance that takes so much time, so if you learn it in parallel with another ballroom dance, you can't say that only Winnawaltz can't dance.

Even if you learn ballroom dance for two years, if you can't dance Wiener Waltz, you won't be able to dance abroad or in Japan.

We recommend that you take the Wiener Waltz to get accustomed to dancing and body usage.