Dance in social circles Let's start with the experience here

Group lesson 50 minutes

  • Those in their 20s to 40s

    Saturday Introduction 10:00~ Ball Waltz 10:30-11:20 Beginner social dance 11:30~12:20 Separate for beginners and above

  • Adults over 50s

    Saturday 17:00~ or Sunday

  • child
    Tuesday afternoon

Individual lesson (complete reservation required) 25-50 minutes

  • Saturday 10:00-11:30, after 17:00
  • Sunday 10:00~
  • Monday/Friday 20:00~
  • Tuesday 13:00~

<Suitable for such people>

  • I want something hobby
  • Feel free to learn social dance
  • I have learned a little but want to warm up
  • I want to learn ballroom dance that is not a competition in a nice environment
  • I want to touch a little before learning in earnest
  • I want to learn party dance


  • Inexperienced/Beginner only

<Regular steps>

  1. Experience: Introductory or group
  2. Introductory individual lessons for 3 months after admission (monthly fee for group lesson)
  3. When it is judged that you are ready, go to the beginner group lesson
  4. Beginner to intermediate level in over 1 year

Please feel free to start, take a break at your convenience, and do not hesitate to withdraw from the membership ♩

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