Social Etiquette

Good manners makes you elegant

Main schoolICPAThe College of Comprehensive International Skills Protocol is accredited in the UK and teaches worldwide. Based on international experience, the content of instruction will be closely related to the essence of home.ICPAIn the International Liberal Arts course, the section "Behavior of social gatherings" occupies most.
actually,30We will hold a one-off lesson of social etiquette, which is open to the public in the course of time.

You will learn the following when you take the course.
-Basics of Western manners
-Basic knowledge of details
-Leverage every day
-Useful for a lifetime
ー Deepen understanding when attending this course

Our school rarely offers single lessons.
During this period, please join us as a hands-on course or as a learning of social skills that will last a lifetime.
Limited to people
Date: Please contact us.
Schedule changes may be canceled.
Place: A luxury hotel in front of Tokyo Station

menu:7Full course wine3Type Luxury Hotel Private room
With the best menu

ICPAThe course is different from table manner lessons such as manner lessons.

Usually, our social education course is at the beginner's level.30Time, about5010,000 yen course5It is very cheap with the amount presented in time (7We decided to hold it as it is an opportunity for everyone, so we will give you an experience.

We will teach you "general behavior" instead of simple "methods".

3If you are attending the anniversary ball, please join us. It will be a skill of one creature to learn how to behave as it should, and we will offer courses that are not taught at other schools.

5It's impossible to tell everything in a limited time, so it is a minimum of guidance, but it is always useful. I think it's all about "I know, I don't know." Even if you know it, it will be an opportunity to review again.

The purpose of enjoying food and wine is also one.

Inside a luxury hotel7Food with course with wine

  • What is social circle? History/Purpose/People/Spirit/Why?
  • Why is there a social gathering and behavior is important?
  • Transmission to Japan
  • Manners Etiquette Protocol Differences Each Role
  • A Western civilization that is being transmitted in the wrong way
  • What is the role of a gentleman and chivalry? What is Bushido?
  • Lady's role-What is a lady? Misunderstanding of Lady First
  • The secret of the invitation
  • Guest role
  • Before/On the day/After the event
  • Do and Don't
  • Behavior at the event
  • Those who escort/will be escortedNGEscorts Escorts words of caution
  • Table etiquette (UK, France, USA)
  • About cutlery
  • Conversation: The importance of conversation, unexpectedNGConversations and conversations are table manners
  • Dress code/hairstyle Japanese misunderstanding
  • Wine etiquette
  • Type, method, and meaning of greetings Secret cues that Japanese people do not know
  • How to invite dance, how to invite, how to refuseNG・Another good way to decline)
  • What is ballroom dance? Wrong way to communicate to Japan Social dance is an international culture
  • Things you should never do at a social gathering (but most people do this)
  • Absolutely good thing
  • How to get used to the party?
  • Other

"Do you know that?" Is dangerous.

5It will be a little touch in time, but I would like you to be interested in this course during this period,3We hope that you will act with confidence in the moon party.

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