50-year-old-adult ballroom dance

VIP adults over 50 years old

The privilege only for adults is the high society tour ...

A ballroom dance lesson for adults over 50 years old. (Please contact us if you are less than)

Saturday 17:00 – 18:30 Scheduled to change Sunday 14: 00-15: 30

  • The service is more fulfilling than the youth class, with two male and female instructors, and VIP support.
  • You can elegantly learn ballroom dancing suitable for adults
  • The adult class benefit is access to the High Society Tour. You can participate in the authentic Vienna ball VIP.
  • Individual lessons (coupons) will be given priority.

Learn the basics of the 8th English ballroom dance from the beginning. You will be able to enjoy more deep dance that is suitable for adults, and you will be able to dance basic dance overseas.

Youth classes are curriculum-friendly and relatively well-behaved, and are bound by youth conventions.
The adult class is for adults, and the pace is slow, elegant, and creates a wonderful space.

A taste suitable for adult gentlemen and ladies