Reasons why students who have learned international culture and international manners can dance ballroom in 3 days The important role of ballroom manners and ballroom dance that French dancers also talk about

New French members and students are currently undergoing training for the 3rd anniversary ball. In the 4th time, I mastered most of the choreography. The choreography involves difficult steps and lifts, but the speed of improvement that I rarely see and I have never exercised. Why? It can be said that this is the spirit learned from international culture.

Learning from international culture and manners improves social dance

This was a fact that was difficult to prove even though it was known in theory.

Why not the opposite?

First of all, if you start in reverse, it will take a considerable amount of time for your first consciousness to heal. Somewhere in my head, that kind of consciousness acts like "Is this kind of social dance?

For example, even if I try it as a nice thing, when I see it for the first time, it's kind of Japanese style, it's sports, and of course I don't tell you about escorts. In fact, there are many stories about such experiences.

First of all, no matter what you do, people will not learn unless there is a reason or reason that "why you do it," "when you do it," "what you do it for."

Even if you can learn how the hold of ballroom dance is like this from dance, what is the root? What's your mind? I cannot learn from there.

The roots of social dance are in the social circle. There is "etiquette" in the social circles. Etiquette is a so-called Japanese etiquette, but the rules of social circles cannot be known only by dancing.

When you learn social networking etiquette, you learn spirit and history. Then you will understand how important it is and you will take good care of it one by one.

In addition, it leads to the importance of "compassion" and understands independence and one's role in the right sense.

That is the spirit, taste, and way of thinking necessary for ballroom dance.

Why don't you notice this?

Until now, no one would have said that, but even if it wasn't, what would it be?

It goes without saying that it is impossible to notice it without knowing it just by touching it in a ballroom dance, as the international spirit of understanding is poor even in Japan as a whole.

You can't find it without seriously solving this problem.

Furthermore, most of the people who perform ballroom dance are aware of "manner? Ordinary common sense", so they know nothing about international etiquette or social etiquette, and even do not know it. So no one knew that there was an answer.

If the people around you are like that, the Japanese are the people who think so.

However, we found it at our school.

What I could do because the founder is a Japanese with Western culture

Our founder is born and raised in Japan and is educated in Western culture. Learning from the age of zero has become my spirit, and I am a specialist who trains international students at this school after traveling around the world, living in a foreign country, and gaining many years of experience.

When I met the ballroom dance, I was convinced that "this is surely useful for the training of international people", and I went on the road to become a professional and elucidated "the mystery".

"Why Japanese people...?" It was this connection between international etiquette and ballroom dance that solved all that.

And the founder is officially internationally accredited in the UK and the only international program offered in Japan.

The difference between those who start from social dance and those who start from international culture and manners is terrible

"Why learn dance?"

Whether this is clear or not, or starting from that kind of thing, and learning international culture and international manners, it becomes clear "why my role is there."

I am also a new French team member.

"Social dance and etiquette are of course the same, right?"

This is world common sense.

There is an academy in Ginza where you can learn cultural ballroom dance and international social etiquette. Please go to the trial lesson

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