A nice team has joined. Wedding dance is the norm in the West Social dance is the taste of ladies and gentlemen

The wedding dance performance, which is a package of IDC.Tokyo, will be shown on March 15th. Mr. Nikita, who joined the team of IDC.Tokyo newly, and ICPA International Liberal Arts Course, a new member of the group. This is Mr. Kinoshita, who is an advanced student.

This is a wedding dance for beginners, but this time, the choreography of advanced players will also be included, and it will be a high level performance for beginners.

Dr. Nikita of the new team loves wine specialists, escorting women like wine.

Nikita-sensei also joined the team because she said that “social dance is an elegant taste, so having a lesson on manners is wonderful”.

He is a beautiful and elegant gentleman who came from a picture book.

The performance will be announced at the Happoen Festival on March 15th.

The Symbolism behind Wedding Dances

In the West, wedding has dance. It's a waste to not do it in Japan! It is very nice.

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