Dance in the chapel? Era of special occasions with wedding dance

The era when wedding dance is popular from now on

From now on, Japan, which will become more and more international, dance is also a major, and it is becoming a common taste.

Here, starting wedding dance now is a step ahead of the times. We recommend anticipating the times!

Why wedding dance has never been popular in Japan

There must be many reasons why this wonderful culture was never passed on to Japan.

  • The culture of "male dominance" did not convey the idea of dance in the "Ladies First" culture.
  • There was no place to dance at the venue
  • "Dance of men and women" = Confusion of laws such as the dance prohibition law from the viewpoint of customs

The last part about "law" is really severe, and it is how the men's and women's dance officially deviated from "Fueiho" ...


You can't believe it. Until then, even nightclubs were banned from dancing, and classrooms were also regulated, so people in the industry really had a lot of trouble.

I think this is one of the causes, but this wonderful

It's a waste not to dance a wedding dance with a Western wedding! !!

That is one word.

But what is wedding dance in the first place?

As the name implies, it is a wedding dance, but it was originally called "first dance" because it was started by a king and a princess at a royal palace in Europe.

First dance: bride and groom

Last Dance: Bride and Father

The transfer from the last dance to the first dance is also the most moving.

The usual Western wedding process is here, but it doesn't have to be in this order, and if you want to mix it with the Japanese style, it's also a good idea to separate it from a reception and a second party.

1. The First Dance First Dance

2. Tossing the Bouquet

3. Cutting the Cake Cake cutting

4. Best Man Speach Groom Friend Speech

5. Father Daughter Dance Bride and father

6. Mother Son Dance Groom and mother

7. Introducing the Wedding Party

8. The Guarder Toss Garter Toss

9. Separating the Bride and Grooms Guests During Ceremoney

10. Maid of Honor Speech Bridesmaid speech

If you want to have a Western wedding, do a wedding dance! !!

Form aside, when it comes to weddings in Japan, it's no longer the time to say "embarrassing." Women inwardly "want to be escorted by him" "want to be treated like a princess"

What I think so. Let's make that dream come true.

We announced a very moving wedding dance scene at the event the other day. The whole venue is in a very moving scene

Enchanted. .. ..


For example, like this

At the reception. .. ..

  1. Wedding dance around dessert
  2. Last dance, first dance, and a letter to parents


First dance, last dance, groom and mother, guests also dance


At the second party. .. .. ..

  1. The First Dance
  2. Surprise dance
  3. Bridesmaid, Usher Dance

There are various combinations and timings.

Make this dance at a garden wedding or dance at a chapel even more wonderful! !!

It will be a very special day.

Free lessons! Wedding dance monitor couple recruitment!

If you are planning to get married this year, the lesson fee will be free! (Equivalent to 200,000 yen)

For other details, please contact us.

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