~British Ballroom Dance for Everyone Trial Lesson~

English-style social dance/social etiquette academy IDC.Tokyo

Greater English ballroom and manners


Trial lesson


Dance lesson

British manners

Social etiquette course

You can be more beautiful with English-style social dance and social manners

Learn more about social dance and social manners at the UK Finishing School
British-born ladies and gentlemen's tastes English-French full-scale course to our ICPA
Learn the good manners for ballroom dance


British ballroom dance
~Social dance is British style~

Enriched content such as English-style ballroom dance, winner waltz, and wedding dance will surely improve your skills. From casual hobbies to entering the social circle. Classifying by age from children to adults First, a hands-on course


English finishing school
~Become more beautiful~

The ladies and gentlemen's taste British manners are world-class certified by the UK. Only in Japan, learn the perfect international ladies and gentlemen's tastes through liberal ballroom dance and social etiquette, and have a more wonderful day


European Tour/Debutante
~ Social circle debut ~

Learn the international social etiquette of the UK finishing school in Japan, and dance and make a serious social debut in Europe

English ballroom dance and English etiquette

English-style ballroom dance manners trial lesson

Trial lesson


List of lessons
  1. Introductory experience/fee


    First of all, let's start the experience here

  2. Private lessons

    Private lesson as you like...

  3. Social party manners 5-hour single course

    ~ To behave perfectly in social areas ~

  4. Finishing school for children

    Would you like to raise your child into a ladies and gentlemen who are familiar with the world?

  5. Ballroom lesson

    Authentic waltz ball class

  6. Wedding dance

    A wedding dance that promises eternal love The First Dance & The La...

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