English Ballroom Dance Trial Lesson
Classic English Style

The English Ballroom Dance & Etiquette Academy
Classic English Style

English Social etiquette
Classic English Style


Complimentary Taster Lesson


Dance Lessons


Social Etiquette Course

Enrich Your Life with Ballroom Dancing

Learn from our professional dance instructors and gain confidence from the first lesson.
Develop strength and coordination while also learning social etiquette.
Make new friends and enjoy your weekends in elegance at our beautiful dance studio.


Ballroom Dance Lessons
Classic English Style

Catering to all ages and levels of ability, The English Style-Ballroom Dance & Etiquette Academy has an elite team of experienced, certified and dance teachers who are dedicated to ensuring that you get the absolute most out of your personal dance journey.


Finishing School
The Importance of Manners

We offer international etiquette workshops and private classes based on English manners and etiquette to help build confidence in all social environments. Our Finishing School also covers topics such as Japanese culture, history and traditions.


Journey to Europe
Debutante Programme

Designed to give adolescents the social skills necessary to help them mature into confident and self-assured adults. Interactive and fun, and this programme places an emphasis on character education and positive self-esteem. With a close partnership with Imperial Tours & Events in Austria, we offer full packages for students.

The English Style Ballroom Dance & Etiquette Academy of Tokyo

Join us and experience English-style ballroom dancing!

Complimentary Taster Lesson


List of Lessons
  1. Experience/Price


    Dance in social circles Let's start with the experience here

  2. Social Etiquette

    Good manners makes you elegant

  3. Finishing School for Youth

    Build your child’s confidence and social skills

  4. Walz Vienna

    Vienna Style Waltz

  5. First Wedding Dance

    Full Ballroom Dance Package

  6. Performance Program

    Dance Performance

  7. Full Debutant Program

    Fully Supported Package

  8. Social Etiquette Programme

    UK Certified Etiquette Programme

  9. Social Education Course

    Gain social qualifications in social dance and social etiquette

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