Blues how to count? Use for Fox ブルースのカウント?スローに使える

Blues Count:

English Follows: ブルースのカウントにはちょっと特徴があります。これを分かっておくと、「スローで音が取れない!」というトラブルを回避できます。You might have wondered about the count of Blues. It does have a unique count which would be useful to know in order to dance Slow Fox with the correct count.





Slow   Quick Quick Slow


Complicated count with Blues

It seems simple, but it can be difficult to correct count with Blues. Many people count in a wrong way, but if you have a god sense, you might be thinking if it should be 3 beat, and if you know more about music, you probably understand the rules.

We dance Blues with 4 beat, devising by 3. count can be arranged depending on steps and music, but this is the basic.

Slow   Quick Quick Slow

Just a simple tip!

Have a nice day!

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