IDC.Tokyo provides not only dance lessons but also the international etiquette lessons. All the classes are designed for beginners with professional teachers.

  • All classes are design for beginners
  • International etiquette lessons cerfired in the UK
  •  Various social parties including balls, galas, social gatherings

Unique Points

  • Lessons in Japanese and English
  • Easy access
  • Well-structured lessons by professional instructors
  • Total wedding dance packages
  • Various events designed for international associates
  • Internationally well educated members

Standard Classe

  • Easy and casual structure
  • Good for weekend hobby
  • Healthy exercise

Executive Class

  • More sophisticated and cultured society
  • Afternoon classes
  • High society

Standard Class

Abusolute Beginners Saturdays 12:00-12:50

Very new to Ballroom Dance? Do not matter, this class fully covers all the social dances for beginners.

Come to trial to this class.

Beginners  Saturdays 13:00-13:50

Young Couple Dancing On Bokeh Background

Start to learn 4 kinds of Ballroom Dance. This class will let you gain the foundation of Ballroom Dances.

1-2 Year

Pre-Intermediate Saturdays 13:00-13:50

Start to learn 10 kinds of Ballroom Dance. Those who have completed the beginner classes can take this class.

After complete this class, you can go to the Intermediate, Pre-Advance, and Advance step by step.

Executive Class

Saturdays 14:00-15:50

This society is a sophisticated club with those who are culture lovers. You may learn the international social etiquette and Viennese Waltz and English style of Ballroom Dance.

International Etiquette

Etiquette glows your social life with elegant ballroom dance with style. Our etiquette lessons are brought from the U.K. and has been officially internationally certified. At this lesson, you may learn hints of the essence of etiquette and take into practice.


At this class, you will learn Viennese Waltz from the very beginning. The style is not the competitive style but is Viennese Royal style.


Private and Couple Lesson

Young Couple Dancing On Bokeh Background

If you are looking for a private lesson or a couple lesson, we offer exclusive packages. A bilingual instructor will support you from the beginning.

Private Lessons について

The First Dance

First wedding dance of maried couple

We produce Wedding Dances for your special day. Select a package from a standard to premium. We will be fully supporting you.

Wedding Dance