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さてさて、始めたばかりのルンバ、どうですか?入門のダンスと比べると難しいですね。私も始めたばかりの人たちの気持ち、よ~~~~く覚えています。安心してくださいね。すぐにできるようになります。How’s Rumba? I know that you feel it is very difficult. Let’s go step by step! Don’t hurry, please.








  1. まず、片足に体重を感じます。
  2. 一方の足をつま先から出します。
  3. 後ろの足で軽く床を押して、ゆっくり体重移動を前に移動させます。
  4. この時、足はゆっくりとつま先から、かかと、ボールへと体重が移動していることを感じます。
  5. 最終的に、もう一方の足の上に、体重があります。


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You have just started to learn dancing, so your first thought is probably, “What’s Rumba?” This is normal, so do not worry as you will know what it is soon.

Rumba is a slow Latin dance with smooth movement and requires a lot of basic technique, so if you gain Rumba skills, you will be able to dance other Latin dancing more smoothly.

We learned about counts, so the next tip is “how to use your foot when walking”.

Rumba: How to use your feet?

Walk from your toe

Your toe comes first then move your weight to your ball while moving your weight forward. If you step your toe without moving your weight, your body will go back, and if you try to go forward without feeling your weight, your body will fall forward.

  1. Stand straight, stretching your body up
  2. Feel your weight on one foot
  3. Point the other toe to forward
  4. Push the floor gently with the back foot then move your weight slowly to forward.
  5. While doing this, feel your weight moving from toe, heel, and ball.
  6. At last, you feel your weight on your the other foot.

At higher level classes, you will learn more about Rumba Walks with more technique, but for the time being, please get this walking technique first.

This will make your dance more beautifully.

Enjoy your day!

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